We want to give you some news on our third race of the 2020 ENS season. We are all looking forward to going back to Fiorano for the weekend 29 October to 01 November and always enjoy our time in Italy with the Gesualdi family and their wonderful team.

We will open the entries for the race on TUESDAY 29 SEPTEMBER at 8:00PM. However, because of the changing conditions, we will not ask anyone to make the payment for the tyres until two weeks before the race. You can also book your hotels, but we would recommend that you find an option that does allow you to cancel, in case the rules in either your country or Italy change in the next month.

Just so you all know, we 100% expect our race in Fiorano to take place. As of right now, the conditions and rules will allow this to happen. We will only change our plan if there are some big changes to the situation that makes it impossible for this to happen!

We will work with the Gesualdi family in the next weeks to check the exact Corona-rules we need to have for the race, and also about the maximum entries too. So please make your plans and get ready to make your entry!

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