We write to you today with some sad news. As we are sure you are aware, the Coronavirus situation around Europe continues to get harder each week.

Already, we’ve seen more countries have got travel restrictions and require testing or quarantine. This is firstly making it harder for many of you to attend our races, but it is also putting more pressure on us as organisers and our host clubs for our events.

We have spoken with the Gesualdi family in Italy today, and we are all in agreement that the right decision is to cancel our ENS race in Fiorano. We of course would really like to be able to race one more time with you all this year, but the situation is clearly not going to get better over the next two weeks, and so with everyone’s safety in mind we decide now not to hold this race.

We want to say a big thank you to all our racers and host clubs for your support during this difficult year. Hopefully things improve by the beginning of next year, and we plan to start our next season at Fiorano in April 2021 now.

We hope you and your friends and family stay safe and well, and we look forward to being back racing with you in a few months.



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