Dear ENS Family,

We want to confirm to you that the Euro Nitro Series 2022 season will run on the “16EU” fuel.

As a number of rules and laws have or are changing around Europe, 16EU is the only decision we can take so that we are fair to everyone. 16EU should be available to everyone in all EU countries, so that’s why it’s what we will use for the whole ENS 2022 season.  It’s also what most major on-road nitro races in Europe will use in 2022 as well, making it easy for everyone too to always be on the same fuel.

We’ll be monitoring the fuel from Controlled (Seeding) Practice onwards at all our events, using a standard Nitromax 16EU tool.

Our season starts on 12.-15. May at the perfect Fiorano track – if you’ve not entered already, please check your schedule and if you can make it, make your entry on MyRCM!

Your Uwe, Oli and ENS Orga Team.