After a number of discussions over the last few months, the Euro Nitro Series is now able to confirmed that a new class will be added to the events going forward – the “1/8 Sport Class”.

A new class to help the ENS grow

Recognising the increasing costs, particularly for the engines used in on-road nitro racing, the new class will have all the same rules as the existing 1/8 Scale class, but just utilising a lower-cost engine with matching pipe and manifold.  Not only will the costs of the engines be reduced, but the speed of the cars will be kept in check too –which should mean further cost reductions with less wear on parts, less damage from crashes, as well as making the class a nicer option for ‘hobby’ and ‘club’ drivers across Europe.  This class already is popular in Switzerland and Germany, and the hope is that by adding it to the ENS programme, our events will appeal to a wider audience going forward.

Roy Bakker proved it works in Aigen!

At the ENS race in Aigen, Roy Bakker used a standard OS MAX R21 engine (you can see the photos below!).  Roy set the TQ in the +40 Masters class, and finished second in the 30 minute long final, on the same lap as the winner and setting almost identical lap times!

Apeldoorn to host Pilot event as part of ENS Finale

To test out the new class, the ENS will introduce it at the final round of the 2022 series (taking place at the end of August in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands) as a Pilot event.  We’ll use this event to check things out and get feedback.  So it would be great if

Allowed products

The engines/pipe combinations currently allowed for this class:

OS MAX-R21 1B900Hipex 2069 Evo 3Hipex M321
Sonic PS21SHipex 2069 Evo 3Hipex M321P

In both combos, only a 8mm Venturi carburettor is allowed!

Entry restrictions

The 1/8 Sport Class is open to all drivers, with the exception of those who have made an A Final in the 1/8 Scale Class at the ENS in 2022, or the 1/8 Track EFRA European Championships in 2022.