Getting ready for the new season!

As we are only about one month away from the new ENS Season, we want to confirm the situation for everyone with bodyshells, so you can all be properly prepared for Round 1 in Ettlingen!

1:10 Scale Class – 200mm for 2023

After a lot of discussions with our racers, we will stay with the 200mm format for 1:10 Scale for 2023 at the ENS.  We are excited to see the development of the 230mm option for this class, so we will be working closely with manufacturers, other races, and talking to our drivers, so we are set for the future.  But it’s clear now – for 2023, we stay with 200mm for the 1:10 Scale class!

Bodyshell Weight Limits

We have seen more of the ultra-light bodyshells coming onto the market for both 1:10 Scale and 1:8 Scale classes recently.  We also see the problems this causes and the extra cost to run these.

For 2023, the ENS will follow the new minimum weight limits that EFRA are also introducing, and many countries are also going to use for their Nationals and other races too.  We will check the bodys during the Practice and mark them for racing.

This will also be added to our 2023 Rules:

Minimum weight for the body is 145 grams for all 1:8 Scale classes, and 95 grams for 1:10 Scale Class. The body must be ready to race, which means painted with gurney strip (1:8 Scale) or rear wing (1:10 Scale), stiffeners, stickers, and any other allowed parts. No extra weight may be added to the body to reach the minimum weight. ‘Extra weight’ means any part/glue that is only used to reach the minimum weight of the body and could be used to improve performance in any way. Glue or adhesives may be used only to strengthen or repair the body. We will check bodyshells during Practice, and mark them ready for racing.

ENS Bodyshell Rules 2023

Let’s go racing!

We hope this clarification will make the event and the racing better for everyone!  We look forward to seeing you all at Round 1 in Ettlingen, Germany.  If you’ve not already made your entry, please do it on MyRCM:[1]=org&dId[O]=2047&pLa=en

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