Rain Decides Finals Grids for ENS Netherlands

Unfortunately, racers were greeted with a wet track and falling rain on Saturday morning.  With three rounds already completed on Friday, the organisers decided the best option was to see if the rain stopped rather than try to run more races in the wet conditions.

The rain did let up around lunchtime, but at that point it was necessary to start the finals – the 140+ entries in Apeldoorn meaning that a lot of time would be needed to give all races the minimum 20 minutes final the ENS is known for.

Therefore, the finals grids were confirmed based on Friday’s results, taking the best two points scores for each driver.  Here is how the A Finals will line up for Sunday!

1/8 Scale

Gruber to lead 1/8 Scale

As confirmed yesterday, Toni Gruber’s three TQ runs will see him start on pole position for the 1/8 Scale Class.  Even if more qualifying had been run today, no one would have been able to stop the German driver thanks to Friday’s results.

Overall Qualifying Result Top Five

1 Toni Gruber (DE) – Capricorn/Ielasi Tuned

2 Jilles Groskamp (NL) – Infinity/SMJ

3 Dominic Greiner (DE) – Capricorn/Max Power

4 Lars Hoppe (DE) – Shepherd/Reds

5 Thilo Diekmann (DE) – Capricorn/Max Power

Link to the results on MyRCM: https://www.myrcm.ch/myrcm/report/en/70179/308683

1/10 Scale

Holthuis Ahead of Diekmann

Milan Holthuis also had a perfect score on Friday, meaning that whatever happened on Saturday would not change the fact that the Dutch driver would start on Pole Position for the 45-minute long final.

Overall Qualifying Result Top 5

1 Milan Holthuis (NL) – Infinity/Ielasi Tuned

2 Melvin Diekmann (DE) – Capricorn/OS Speed

3 Tim Benson (DE) – Infinity/Orcan

4 Basile Concialdi (FR) – Infinity/OS Speed

5 Jakub Rozycki (PL) – Xray/?

Link to the results on MyRCM: https://www.myrcm.ch/myrcm/report/en/70179/308681  

1/8 +40 Masters

Salven Confirmed On Pole

Michael Salven was somewhat relieved when the qualifying was cancelled, as it meant he would start on Pole Position and it denied his challengers the chance to take that away from him!

Overall Qualifying Result Top 5

1 Michael Salven (NL) – Serpent

2 Julius Kolff (NL) – Serpent

3 Peter Thys (BE) – Mugen

4 Torsten Mueller (DE) – Capricorn

5 Lars Haugen (NO) – Mugen

Link to the results on MyRCM: https://www.myrcm.ch/myrcm/report/en/70179/308682

1/8 Sport

Wenger At The Top Of Masters

Martin Wenger will lead the Masters A Final on Sunday, with his results on Friday enough to secure him the top spot!

Overall Qualifying Result Top 5

1 Martin Wenger (CH) – Mugen

2 Jan-Simon Knispel (DE) – Shepherd

3 Max Hordijk (NL) – ARC

4 Luigi Pili (NL) – BMT

5 Gert-Jan Van Schaik (NL) – ?

Link to the results on MyRCM: https://www.myrcm.ch/myrcm/report/en/70179/308680

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