Dear ENS Racers,

we want to wish you all the best for the upcoming year. Whilst things still are not what we expect right now, we all want to remain positive for 2021 and hope that things can improve then.

So, we have worked already with our wonderful tracks around Europe to look at our ENS 2021 Calendar. We want to say a big thank you to them for once again working with us to make what looks like a really nice schedule of races on four of the best tracks and host clubs in the world.

We are pleased to present to you our initial ENS 2021 Schedule of races!

Round 1: 29 April to 02 May – Fiorano, Italy
Round 2: 17 to 20 June – Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
Round 3: 22 to 25 July – Aigen-Schlägl, Austria
Round 4: 23 to 26 September – Ettlingen, Germany

(Of course, whilst this is our planned calendar, depending on the COVID-19 situation around Europe, we may need to make changes closer to the start of the season. We would advise you to book any travel or accommodation with cancellation options right now to be safe)

We hope you all had a nice and relaxing Christmas and New Year time, and really hope we can meet each other again on the track in 2021!

Uwe, Oli, and all your ENS Orga Team


1:8 Onroad

01.Simon Kurzbuch 312pts
02.Silvio Hächler303pts
03.Rick Vrielijnck 299pts
04.Steven Cuypers 293pts
05.Timo Schröder293pts
06.John Ermen293pts
07.Tobias Hepp286pts
08.Robbin Hertong285pts
09.Jason S. Lackner 285pts
10.Bastian Gramlich 280pts


1:10 Onroad

01.Dominic Greiner 311pts
02.Jilles Groskamp 307pts
03.Melvin Diekmann 303pts
04.Thilo Tödtmann301pts
05.Dirk Wischnewski 301pts
06.Milan Holthuis 299pts
07.Patrick Schäfer 289pts
08.Patrick Fankhauser288pts
09.Jurmin Etnel275pts
10.Roland Fankhauser274pts


1:8 +40

01.Michael Salven 309pts
02.Arie Manten 305pts
03.Olaf Engelmann298pts
04.Martin Wenger297pts
05.Remy Hasler 295pts
06.Andrea Hächler 293pts
07.K. Saritsaklis 286pts
08.Peter Berkhout 284pts
09.Markus Friedrich 278pts
10.John Lenaers155pts