As we approach December and the end of 2020, it would be normal for us to look back on our races throughout the year and think about all the wonderful events we have held.  But, as you know, 2020 has certainly not been normal at all – for any part of life, and especially our international RC races.

First, we have to say a massive thank you to all the clubs, tracks and facilities throughout Europe who have worked with us through these incredibly difficult times.  We of course have had to change schedules around, postpone or cancel races, and also look at new ways to hold events.  To all the venues that have worked with us this year (and whether we got to race with you or not), we are very grateful for all the work.  If it was holding events in the ETS, EOS or ENS championships, no decisions for anyone were easy, and we know that so many places worked so much with their local governments, all their club officials and the changing rules with one goal in mind – to give racers the safest and best opportunities to take part.

Secondly, we must thank all of our amazing sponsors.  These companies support each of our three series of events, and for sure we know that 2020 has been really difficult for them as businesses too.  But still, they have stuck with us and that gave us the opportunities to put together the races we have done.  It is really great that these fantastic companies continue to be our friends and have the same goal as us: to make the best races possible, whatever the situations!

And finally, but most importantly, to all our racers.  We know it has been difficult as we have changed the schedules, and had to make special rules and procedures.  We have to change things because of the rules in each country we visit, but the travel between them too.  We are all united by our love of RC racing, whether it is electric or nitro powered, on-road or off-road.  And, with everything else that takes place, we thank you all for working with us this year and hope that you have all enjoyed what we have been able to make happen in 2020.  The families we have in our ETS, EOS and ENS championships are really amazing, and we thank you all for however you have supported us this year!

Of course, we’re sure you want to know what will happen next… and of course, you know that we can’t answer that right now!  We all will continue to hope that the situation improves throughout Europe and the world, and we can start to get back to ‘normal’ and our races soon.  We will always keep working on our events, and let you know as soon as there is any news at all.

Above all, please stay safe, and we look forward to all meeting again soon!

Uwe, Scotty, Oli and all the ETS, EOS and ENS Orga Teams


1:8 Onroad

01.Simon Kurzbuch 312pts
02.Silvio Hächler303pts
03.Rick Vrielijnck 299pts
04.Steven Cuypers 293pts
05.Timo Schröder293pts
06.John Ermen293pts
07.Tobias Hepp286pts
08.Robbin Hertong285pts
09.Jason S. Lackner 285pts
10.Bastian Gramlich 280pts


1:10 Onroad

01.Dominic Greiner 311pts
02.Jilles Groskamp 307pts
03.Melvin Diekmann 303pts
04.Thilo Tödtmann301pts
05.Dirk Wischnewski 301pts
06.Milan Holthuis 299pts
07.Patrick Schäfer 289pts
08.Patrick Fankhauser288pts
09.Jurmin Etnel275pts
10.Roland Fankhauser274pts


1:8 +40

01.Michael Salven 309pts
02.Arie Manten 305pts
03.Olaf Engelmann298pts
04.Martin Wenger297pts
05.Remy Hasler 295pts
06.Andrea Hächler 293pts
07.K. Saritsaklis 286pts
08.Peter Berkhout 284pts
09.Markus Friedrich 278pts
10.John Lenaers155pts