As this crazy 2020 year draws to close, everyone is keen to know about our 2021 events.  Of course, most importantly, we continue to look at all the government advice, and the rules that are in place throughout Europe – the different countries we race in and where our many racers come from.

The next event we had hoped to bring you were our EOS and ETS races in wonderful Daun at the Sportresort Grafenwald.  We had already agreed that we would look at the situation in mid-December and make a decision on these events then.  We have now met with the hotel management team and we do not see it being possible for us to have big events like this in January and February.

So, we have made another tough decision for us all, to cancel now the EOS and ETS events in Daun.  As always – we don’t like to make these decisions, but with the restrictions in place in Germany now on events, and with the rules around Europe for travel, we also have to think of everyone’s health.

We keep on hoping that there is a light ahead, and so we can at least make the next plans now.  We now plan our next ETS event on the Easter weekend of 2 to 5 April at the famous Mülheim-Kärlich sportshall in Germany, and the next EOS event 16 to 18 April at the wonderful Hudy Arena in Slovakia.  Of course, we will keep watching the rules as we plan for these events and give you more news in early 2021.

In the meantime, we hope you all stay safe and have a wonderful Christmas time, however it might be possible to celebrate it in this very different year.  We hope to see you all soon!



01.Michal Orlowski308pts
02.Jörn Neumann307pts
03.Bruno Coelho307pts
04.Martin Bayer299pts
05.Micha Widmaier295pts
06.Wesley v. Helmond287pts
07.Max Götzl285pts
08.Aaron Münster279pts
09.Marcel Schneider279pts
10.Moritz Lautenbach265pts



01.Michal Orlowski306pts
02.Bruno Coelho305pts
03.Jörn Neumann302pts
04.Martin Bayer301pts
05.Micha Widmaier297pts
06.Marcel Schneider294pts
07.Max Götzl293pts
08.Wesley v. Helmond281pts
09.Luca Rau273pts
10.Kay Frehner264pts


4WD STOCK 10.5

01.Simon Stegmeier309pts
02.Tristram Neal308pts
03.Mick Burbach305pts
04.Stefan Matas299pts
05.Martin Wallisch279pts
06.Sven Schrader274pts
07.Olaf Stein269pts
08.Daniel Mannhart260pts
09.Tobias Grahlow260pts
10.Thomas Erny258pts


2WD STOCK 13.5

01.Tristram Neal312pts
02.Simon Stegmeier301pts
03.Volodymyr Zhadlun291pts
04.Mick Burbach290pts
05.Niklas Mährle288pts
06.Sven Schrader270pts
07.Olaf Stein267pts
08.Thomas Erny261pts
09.Yves Honegger260pts
10.Daniel Mannhart258pts



01.Jörn Neumann312pts
02.Wesley van Helmond305pts
03.Max Götzl303pts
04.Luca Rau298pts
05.Philipp Märzinger294pts
06.Christian Wukonig293pts
07.Jens Becker292pts
08.Stefan Sidler286pts
09.Karl-Heinz Pfeiffer261pts
10.Oliver Dübel259pts



01.Philipp Märzinger308pts
02.Stefan Matas306pts
03.Christian Wukonig300pts
04.Olaf Stein290pts
05.Daniel Mannhart286pts
06.Stefan Teitge281pts
07.Tristan Hackl156pts
08.Christoph Dupuis152pts
09.Raoul Nebelung151pts
10.Sven Rudig150pts