Dear EOS Family,

it seems like a really long time since we were all together in Daun now and, as we all know, the whole world is a very strange and difficult place for everyone at the moment. Most importantly, I hope you and your family are well and safe. It’s not a nice situation for any of us to be in, and we know that you are probably all missing RC racing as much as we are.

With the COVID-19 situation around Europe and the world, things change quickly and we are trying our best to stay up to date with all the news. Each country and sometimes even each region within a country has different rules and things change at different speeds. But, it looks like things do seem to be improving and, although there is a long way to go yet, we at least have the possibility of thinking towards the future.

The most important things for us to think about are the rules from each country around travel, and of course, holding events. As these things change, we will have different challenges to face, but we also want to let you know how our plans are for continuing the EOS season in 2020.

We are pleased to be able to announce the new PROVISIONAL schedule for the EOS 2020. We hope that we are able to hold events from September now, and this means we have the possibility to have four EOS races this year and make a full championship:

▪️ EOS R2 – 04-06 September 2020 – NEW ARENA33 (Outdoor) – Andernach, DE
▪️ EOS R3 – 23-25 October 2020 – Venue To Be Confirmed (Indoor)
▪️ EOS R4/Finals – 11-13 December 2020 – HUDY Arena (Indoor) – Trencin, SK

We hope that things do continue to improve and we are talking with our friends and host venues across Europe regularly. We of course want to get back to EOS racing soon, but the most important thing is to be able to do this safely, within the rules of the different countries, and also when our EOS Family from around the world is able to travel safely to our races. We remain hopeful we can complete the schedule above, but we’ll always give you more information as soon as it is possible. For now, we would suggest that you do not make any bookings for any races until we fully say each event is confirmed.

Please stay safe and healthy and we look forward to being together at a race track soon

Your Uwe & Scotty



01.Michal Orlowski156pts
02.Bruno Coelho153pts
03.Jörn Neumann152pts
04.Joona Haatanen151pts
05.David Ronnefalk150pts
06.Martin Bayer149pts
07.Lee Martin148pts
08.Daniel Kobbevik147pts
09.Micha Widmaier146pts
10.Bartosz Zalewski145pts



01.Michal Orlowski156pts
02.Lee Martin153pts
03.Bruno Coelho152pts
04.Micha Widmaier151pts
05.Martin Bayer150pts
06.David Ronnefalk149pts
07.Joona Haatanen148pts
08.Jörn Neumann147pts
09.Marcel Schneider146pts
10.Elias Johansson145pts


4WD STOCK 10.5

01.Tristram Neal156pts
02.Simon Stegmeier153pts
03.Mick Burbach152pts
04.Tim Kunz151pts
05.Benedikt Heitzer150pts
06.Stefan Matas149pts
07.Olivier de Montfumat148pts
08.Juraj Hudy147pts
09.Marcel Röttgerkamp146pts
10.Carsten Neudeck145pts


2WD STOCK 13.5

01.Tristram Neal156pts
02.Felix Stahmer153pts
03.Sven Rudig152pts
04.Tim Kunz151pts
05.Max Montermann150pts
06.Rene Levetzow149pts
07.Simon Stegmeier148pts
08.Olivier de Montfumat147pts
09.Pawel Ntkovca146pts
10.Juraj Hudy145pts



01.Jörn Neumann156pts
02.Wesley van Helmond153pts
03.Max Götzl152pts
04.Wouter Wynen151pts
05.Florian Schmid150pts
06.Sophie Müller149pts
07.Luca Rau148pts
08.Christian Wukonig147pts
09.Philipp Märzinger146pts
10.Francois Guerbois145pts



01.Philipp Märzinger156pts
02.Stefan Matas153pts
03.Christophe Dupuis152pts
04.Raoul Nebelung151pts
05.Sven Rudig150pts
06.Christian Wukonig149pts
07.Björn Billino148pts
08.Nathanael Janot147pts
09.Bartek Kramza146pts
10.Rene Levetzow145pts