For our Touring Car classes (Modified, Pro Stock, Masters, and Stock 17.5) we want to make sure our bodyshells rules are fair and easy for all our racers.Last year, we saw so many new bodyshells being released, meaning that people often had to panic to get them in time for our races and have no time to paint them nicely.
So, as we announced in our Drivers Meeting at R1 of the Season in Vienna, we will be using the following rule for the whole 2019/2020 season:
Only bodyshells that were available to the public as of R1 of the season (October 2019) may be used throughout this entire 2019/2020 ETS season.

The only exceptions to this are to also allow the following two bodyshells, as they had been announced already at that time and were available just after the event:

  • Bittydesign Hyper
  • Blitz SQ4

We believe this rule will keep our racing fair and competitive throughout the whole championship.

See you in Daun for ETS R2!