We are incredibly proud that the ETS has so many fantastic partners and supporters across the whole RC industry. These companies work with us to enable us to provide the racers with the best race experiences possible. A huge part of that are the companies that supply us with the key pieces of equipment for each racer – the tyres and electronics.

We want to take this opportunity to call out one of those long-standing supporters of the ETS. Muchmore has been the electronics provider for our stock classes for seven years now. In that time, we’ve built up a fantastic relationship with the whole Muchmore company and Mr Jang in particular, who has been a regular face at our events! The Muchmore power systems have evolved over time and provided close, cost-controlled racing in these classes. To have worked with the same company for this long period of time is really outstanding and a huge credit to both the work Muchmore does but also the friendship we have built between us.

Alongside this, we have now used the Volante tyres as our control tyre in touring car classes for five consecutive years. With tyres being such a crucial part of any event, it’s again really great how we have worked together for so long and once again are very thankful for all the work that Volante have done to support us.

However, as we look towards getting back racing again and our 2021/2022 ETS championship, we have decided it is time for a change. We want to keep our ETS experience fresh and so two of the areas we will be changing out soon are our electronics and tyres. This is never an easy decision to make, and especially in this case since we have such a great friendship with Muchmore and Volante. But it is one we have decided to make to take the ETS forward into the next era of our world-famous championship series. Once again, we want to say a massive thank you to Muchmore, Volante, all the staff and team at the companies, along with Mr Jang, for all their work and support of our ETS over this time. There will be more information soon on the new products for the future years of ETS.