Matrix Modified

Völker ahead of anybody

Ronald Völker (Mugen) is the TQ in the Matrix Modified class after the first round of qualifying here at Arena33 in Andernach. He constantly was able to stretch his lead during the run to win it some 3.1 seconds ahead of Antoine Brunet (Xray). Asked about his run, last year’s race winner said:

My car felt the same as in the Controlled Practice and had a very good overall balance. I expected the track to have a little less grip, but the pace was right there. I am happy that I could carry over the gap from controlled practice into Q1.
– Ronald Völker –

Very fast in all rounds of practice, Antoine Brunet (Xray) was very pleased with the start into his first international outing with Xray. A very satisfied Antoine told us after Q1:

My car is just amazing, it is very easy to drive and that gives me a lot of confidence. At the beginning I was a little nervous in the heat as this is my first big event in my new Team, but in the end the result of Q1 is just fantastic. I am excited what Q2 will bring for me!
– Antoine Brunet –

Third in the ranking list after Q1, Marc Rheinard (Awesomatix) was not happy with his overall situation on track. When looking on the fastest lap times, Marc is absolutely on pace. But he lost some time in the opening laps and in the middle of the race.

Directly after the run, I don`t know where I lost the time. At the beginning I missed a little overall traction, and I must think about some small changes for Q2. At least, P3 is not a bad start but I want to close the gap to the front in the next one!
– Marc Rheinard –

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Xray ProStock

Perfect TQ run from Duchet

In the Xray ProStock class Alexandre Duchet (Xray) won the first round of qualifying in front of Max Mächler (Awesomatix) with a comfortable gap of 0.9 seconds. Asked about his TQ run Alexandre said:

My run was almost perfect, as my setup was totally on point. I just had to focus on my driving.
– Alexandre Duchet –

With Martin Hudy on side as his mechanic, they are not planning any major changes on the car of Duchet. They only will focus on some standard maintenance work before the next run.

In the opening laps of Q1, it looked like Max Mächler would be able to match the laptimes of Duchet permanently, but after the first 2 minutes Max lost some bite in the corners.
Max said:

Basically, the car was very good, but the pace dropped from the middle of the run until the end and I was not able to follow Duchet. I talked to Oleg (Awesomatix Designer) in Russia right now, and we discussed some small changes. Let`s see if we can transform his input into a better pace for Q2.
– Max Mächler –

Simon Lauter (Awesomatix) finished third for the round. He was happy with his car, but he criticized his own driving which he was not happy with:

My first lap was very critical as the tire temperature was not perfect after my car was standing on the line too long before the start. I will not change anything on my A800MMX, my goal is to simply drive it better in Q2.
– Simon Lauter –

Behind Alexandre, Max and Simon the Top 5 got rounded up by a fast Louis Kretschmer (Awesomatix) and Lukas Ellerbrock (Xray).

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Hobbywing Frontwheel

Close fight between Heitsch and Schulz

Stefan Schulz is the RD1 TQ in the Hobbywing Frontwheel class. He had a close fight with Henrik Heitsch over the complete runtime, both separated by only 0.4 seconds. With Heitsch turning the fastest lap of the heat, the consistency of Stefan was a little better in the end.
A group of three drivers, lead by Kevin Sparbier from Steven Olsen and Jacques Libar followed them with a gap of 2.5 seconds. Sebastian Meibörg, Sören Sparbier, Simon Stegmeier, Ulrich Dinger and top seed Patrick Müller, who had to stop his car after 8 laps, completed the Top 10.

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Stock 17.5

Bemmerl TQ`s round 1 at Arena33

Round 1 of qualifying saw a dominant TQ run from Thomas Bemmerl. He was in front of his contenders by 2 seconds and collected maximum points for the round. Behind Thomas, it was a two – horse race between Maximilian Unterschütz and current champion Daniel Pöhlmann, with Daniel finishing second and Maximilian third.  Another 2 seconds back, top seed Dominik Reile and David Kuschnarew completed the Top 5. Joachim Altenhof, Patrick Miekautsch, Alexander Müller, Felix Schneider and Dominik Ruf rounding up the Top 10 of Q1 in the 17.5 Stock class.

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Infinity 40+ Masters
Bartsch fastest in the Masters class

Karsten Bartsch, Ulrich Dinger and Werner Schmitzer are on top of the Infinity 40+ Masters class after Q1. While Karsten leading the field by one second, he also turned the fastest lap with 20,7 seconds.
Top seed Caspar Morgen suffered from technical problems and added a DNF to his scoring sheet. Søren Boy Holst and Manuel Stankowitz completed the Top 5 in Q1 of our 40+ Masters division  

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Scorpion Formula

Ratheisky from Ehrbar in Q1

It was Jan Ratheisky who won RD1 of Formula qualifying here at Arena33. After 5 minutes he was 0.5 seconds ahead of David Ehrbar. For sure, David will try to fight back in Q2 to keep the pressure on Jan as high as possible. Behind them, it was Renè Kölbel, Werner Schmitzer and Chris Grenz who made it into the Top5.

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