Matrix Modified

Völker takes another TQ

The second round of qualifying saw the same two drivers battling it out for the win – Ronald Völker (Mugen) and Antoine Brunet (Xray). Ronald had a tough start into the race with his car sliding in the third corner. He was able to save it and back up the bad first lap with the fastest lap of the run (17.73). Asked about his feelings after his second TQ run he said:

I am happy with the outcome of Q2 as I almost lost my car in the first lap. Maybe the tires and the track have been too cold at the start of the run. But after that my MTC2 felt even better, and I was able to slightly increase the gap to Antoine. For tomorrow we will monitor the weather in case of a different tire preparation when the sun comes out.
– Ronald Völker –

After taking a surprisingly strong P2 in the opening round, Antoine Brunet (Xray) took another one in the second round of qualifying here at Arena33. Talking to Antoine Brunet after his second run he told us:

I am still super excited to run with all the top guys here. My car was amazing again, and in the beginning of the run I pushed more than in Q1 where I took it a little easier in the beginning. With two good results in the bag, I will try to push even harder tomorrow.
– Antoine Brunet –

Third for the round, a confident Lucas Urbain (Awesomatix) improved his Q1 performance sitting on P5 overnight. The Awesomatix factory driver said:

My run was pretty good, even if I almost destroyed my car when I was riding the curbs on the edge. But anyway, my car feels good now and tomorrow I just will go and send it!
– Lucas Urbain –

The overnight Top 5 of the Matrix Modified class: Ronald Völker (1), Antoine Brunet (2), Marc Rheinard (3), Christopher Krapp (4) and Lucas Urbain (5).

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Xray ProStock

Masterclass from Duchet

In the Xray ProStock class it was once again Alexandre Duchet (Xray) who edged out the rest of the field on track. The Xray driver took the round with a comfortable gap of 2.9 seconds. We talked to him after Q2 and Alexandre said:

I just want to thank Martin Hudy again for the preparation of my car – it was amazing to drive and really fast. The track layout here in Andernach suits my driving style and that is another key fact for our strong result today. I am confident for tomorrow and can`t wait to race it out on the track!
– Alexandre Duchet –

Finishing second in Q2, Jan Ratheisky (Xray) is back in the game here at Arena33. After sitting out Q1 to save his new tires, he transformed them into a strong result in the evening qualifier.

After I decided to save my tires and not running in Q1, the feeling on track was a little different in Q2. My car pushed more than I expected and finishing second in this round was the maximum I could do. I am very happy for my teammate Alexandre Duchet, who is just driving amazing here until now!
– Jan Ratheisky –

Another tire gambler, Alex Kunkler (Mugen), was able to benefit from the risk he took, with not driving in Q1. He was able to take P3 for the round and was in a good mood while talking to us:

In this run my car was the best it has been since I arrived here at Arena33. I made some small mistakes during the run with not hitting all lines perfectly. That means I am not 100% satisfied with my run, but for tomorrow we plan some minor tweaks on my car.
– Alex Kunkler –

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The overnight Top 5 of the Xray ProStock class: Alexandre Duchet (1), Frederik Mikkelsen (2), Valentin Hettrich (3), Lukas Ellerbrock (4) and Louis Kretschmer (5).

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Hobbywing Frontwheel

Another TQ run from Heitsch

The FWD class saw Henrik Heitsch taking round 2 of qualifying again, with his hardest contender Stefan Schulz coming short by only 0.4 seconds behind Henrik. Both drivers matched their times lap after lap, and their fastest laps were almost the same as well.
Behind the leading duo, Kevin Sparbier, Jaques Libar and Patrick Müller completed the Top 5.

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Stock 17.5

Reile improves in Q2

In the second round of 17.5 Stock qualifying, top seed Dominik Reile was able to improve his Q1 performance with a third place overall. In the front it was a two-horse race between Rd1 TQ Thomas Bemmerl and Daniel Pöhlmann with the better end for Bemmerl again.
He won the heat three tenths of a second in front of Daniel, which takes him really close to the overall TQ here in Andernach. Alexander Müller and Joachim Altenhof completed the Top 5 in qualifying RD2 at Arena33.

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Infinity 40+ Masters

Bartsch again in Q2

Karsten Bartsch carried his momentum from Q1 into the next round of qualifying here at ETS RD1 in Andernach. Karsten was in a super close fight with Ulrich Dinger, and in the end, he finished ahead of Ulrich with the small margin of 0.2 seconds. Ulrich tried everything to win the run, but now he must win tomorrow`s heats to keep a chance for the overall TQ in the Infinity 40+ Masters division.
Caspar Morgen recovered his bad Q1 with a strong run to P3 for the round. Behind him, Werner Schmitzer and Thomas Oehler made it into the Top 5 of Q2.

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Scorpion Formula

Same running order in Q2

The Scorpion Formula class saw no changes on the leader board, as the top 6 finished exactly in the same order as they did in Q1. Jan had a super clean and consistent run, which allowed him to open a gap of 2.4 seconds to David Ehrbar in second position.
Still in the Top 5 are Renè Kölbel, Herbert Weber and Chris Grenz. With Jan now having two TQ runs in the bag, David only can deny him the overall pole position with winning Q3 and Q4 on Saturday.

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