Matrix Modified

Völker takes A1

The first A-Main of the Matrix Modified class saw Ronald Völker taking an easy win with a gap of 6.20 seconds over the rest of the field. In the opening laps Antoine Brunet (Xray) was close behind Ronald (Mugen), but after 3 laps Ronald pulled away as Antoine had to look in his rear-view mirror, full of Urbain and Rheinard (both Awesomatix).

Marc, somehow moved up to the third spot and tried to catch Brunet in front of him. As he was on Brunet`s tail shortly after, Marc touched Antoine just a little bit – enough for both cars to lose some places. Unfortunately, Antoine had to stop his car after 6 laps, and Marc found himself in P6.
Meanwhile, a nice battle between Christopher Krapp (Yokomo), Lucas Urbain and Marco Kaufmann (Xray) was going on in the fight for the second position. After several moves and contacts between these three, Marco Kaufmann finished in second (starting P6) in front of Christopher Krapp (3), Yannic Prümper (4) and Lucas Urbain (5). Marc Rheinard only finished 6th after the contact with Brunet in front of Michal Orlowski (Schumacher), B-Main bump up driver Eric Dankel (Mugen), Robert Pietsch (Mugen), Tim Wahl (Awesomatix) and Xray driver Antoine Brunet in the unlucky 11th place!

Here is what Ronald Völker had to say after his A1 win:

After I only did 3 corners on my race tires before the start, I struggled a little in the first corners of A1, but after that everything was more than perfect. With more sun shining in the evening, the track once again was a bit different and required a different tire preparation. As the Arena33 asphalt reacts very sensitive to weather changes, we will see which preparation we need tomorrow morning for A2.  
-Ronald Völker-

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Xray ProStock

Dominant win from Duchet in A1

A1 of the Xray ProStock class saw another impressive run from Alexandre Duchet. After the start it looked like Max Mächler was able to come closer to Alexandre, but after a some lapt the gap stayed constantly at about 1.0 seconds during the end of the run.
Behind the leaders, Jan Ratheisky, Simon Lauter and Louis Kretschmer completed the Top 5 in A-Main number one of the Xray ProStock class.

Asked about his easy looking win, Duchet had the following words for us:

As I said after every run this weekend, my Xray was amazing in this first A-Main as well. The track felt different as we had more sunshine here in the evening, but after I got used to it in the beginning, I quickly came back into my rhythm and tried to keep the rubber on the tarmac. It was a nice battle with Max and I hope for one more tomorrow morning!
-Alexandre Duchet-

Finishing second in the opening leg of the triple A-Mains, Awesomatix Team Manager Max Mächler also spoke to our reporter:

I gave my everything in A1, and in the beginning, I felt that I maybe have the chance to close the gap to Alexandre. But I only can compliment Alexandre for his flawless drive to the win as I didn`t made any mistakes and still was not able to come closer. For tomorrow I see some chances to attack when we are on used tires in A2. I will try everything to keep the pressure on Alexandre on a high level!
-Max Mächler-

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Hobbywing Frontwheel

Olsen transforms pole into A1 victory

Steven Olsen was the man in A1 of the Hobbywing Frontwheel class. He never looked back after the start and won the race tone to tone after a super clean run.
Behind Steven, we saw a thrilling fight between Heitsch, Sparbier, Libar and Meibörg. In the end Henrik Heitsch was able to stay in second position in front of a strong Sebastian Meibörg who found his way from P7 up to P3. Stefan Schulz had some bad luck in the run, finishing only eight in A1.
We can expect something for tomorrow`s finals, as the FWD drivers are at a similar pace and everybody can move up to the front.

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Stock 17.5

Thomas Bemmerl with strong nerves

The Stock 17.5 class saw pole sitter Thomas Bemmerl taking home the win in A1. In the opening laps, second place starter Maximilian Unterschütz was able to follow Thomas, but after some small mistakes he dropped back to fourth position.
Behind A1 winner Thomas Bemmerl, Dominik Reile and Joachim Altenhof finished in second and third in the first of the triple A-Mains in our 17.5 Stock class.

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Infinity 40+ Masters

Boy Holst wins A1 after a horrible start

A1 of the Infinity 40+ Masters class saw a terrible first lap from almost everybody with a lot of contacts and crashes, mixing the field completely. As the dust had settled and everybody finally got his nerves under control, Soren Boy Holst was the lucky guy in front taking the win from his sixth starting position.

Caspar Morgen (started P10), Mirco Thalheimer (started P7), Thomas Oehler (started P8) and Ingo Braun (started P9) completed the Top 5 in this first final.
This finishing order once again shows the big chaos in the first lap, with the best Top 5 starter finishing in the sixth position. Let`s see if we can get a clean start in tomorrow`s A2 of our Infinity 40+ Masters class.

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Scorpion Formula

Saturday evening cruise from Ratheisky

Jan Ratheisky took an almost unchallenged win in A1 of the Formula division here at Arena33 in Andernach. Jan pulled off a flawless run taking A1 with a gap of 4.7 ahead of David Ehrbar. David and Jan both turned their fastest lap of the race in lap number 5, with Jan`s time 0.3 seconds faster compared to David.
Behind the leaders there was a close fight between Renè Kölbel and Olivier Bultynck, with Renè finally finishing third. The Top 5 was completed by Herbert Weber.

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