Matrix Modified

Ronald Völker sweeps qualifying at ETS RD1

In the last round of qualifying in the Matrix Modified class, it was once again Ronald Völker winning the heat. Ronald had a little slide in his first lap, and he was swapping positions with Antoine Brunet (Xray) multiple times during the run. Both only separated by 0.1 of a second for most time of the run showed, that they have the best overall pace for the triple A-Mains. With Völker on used tires in Q4, his gap was a little smaller compared to the first 3 rounds of qualifying – but still enough to take Q4. Marc Rheinard (Awesomatix) finished in third, about one second behind Ronald and Antoine.

For the finals, we have Mugen Seiki driver Ronald Völker on pole with the Xray of Antoine Brunet starting second. Lucas Urbain (3) and Marc Rheinard (4) will try to hunt them down with their Awesomatix cars lining up third and fourth.

Behind them, Christopher Krapp will be the top Yokomo driver to head into the A-Mains. Sixth on the grid will be Xray`s Marco Kaufmann, who showed a strong performance all weekend here in Andernach. Yannic Prümper (Yokomo), Michal Orlowski (Schumacher), Robert Pietsch (Mugen Seiki) and Tim Wahl (Awesomatix).

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Xray ProStock

Mächler fastest in Q4 to line up second on the grid

The last heat of qualifying in the Xray ProStock class saw Max Mächler (Awesomatix) on top of the timing sheets. Max won the heat ahead of the Xray duo of Alexandre Duchet and Jan Ratheisky. We saw a lot of thrilling races in the ProStock class in the past years, and we expect some amazing action from these guys here this weekend as well.

We talked to Rd4 TQ Max Mächler directly after his run to find out more about his impressions and his expectations for the triple A-Mains of the ProStock class:

My day was difficult after I had some ESC problems in yesterday`s Q2. After that I had to use new tires in Q3 to get a safe (and quick) run which is never easy when you need a result after a DNF. In Q4 everything was open for P2 on the grid, and I wanted to put my Awesomatix between the Xray duo of Jan and Alexandre, who did a great job this weekend so far. For the finals I think our cars (his and Simon Lauter`s) are well prepared and we will throw everything in to fight for the win!
-Max Mächler-

Here are your Top 10 in the Xray ProStock class:
Alexandre Duchet (Xray), Max Mächler (Awesomatix), Jan Ratheisky (Xray), Simon Lauter (Awesomatix), Louis Kretschmer (Awesomatix), Alex Kunkler (Mugen), Frederik Mikkelsen (Awesomatix), Valentin Hettrich (Awesomatix), Lukas Ellerbrock (Xray) and Nicolai Lindegaard (Awesomatix)

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Hobbywing Frontwheel

Müller fastest in Q4 – Olsen the overall TQ

The last round of qualifying at ETD RD1 here in Andernach saw Patrick Müller bringing home a TQ run in the FWD class. With Heitsch, Olsen, Schulz and Müller all winning one round so far, it is Steven Olsen who earned the top starting position for the finals with having the fastest of the TQ runs on his side.

Kevin Sparbier (5), Jacques Libar (6), Sebastian Meibörg (7), Max Weffers (8), Ulrich Dinger (9) and Simon Stegmeier (10) are completing the grid for the Hobbywing Frontwheel triple A-Mains.

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Stock 17.5

Maximilian Unterschütz fastest in Q4

After collecting a strong number of points in the previous heats, Maximilian Unterschütz finally came out fastest in Q4. This result will see the youngster lining up second on the grid behind TQ Thomas Bemmerl for the triple A-Mains in the Stock 17.5 class.
Behind Bemmerl and Unterschütz, the 10 car A-Main grid features: Daniel Pöhlmann (3), Dominik Reile (4), Joachim Altenhof (5), Alexander Müller (6), Felix Schneider (7), David Kuschnarew (8), Klaus Waldmann (9) and Dominik Ruf (10).

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Infinity 40+ Masters

Müller takes Q4 as Bartsch stays on top

In the last round of Qualifying in the Infinity 40+ Masters division, it was Christian Müller with the fastest run coming out of the second fastest group. The top group also saw another guy going fast and winning the heat – Manuel Stankowitz. With so many drivers being on pace we can be really excited about the A-Mains in this class and it is hard to point out a clear favourite for the overall win.
The 10 car grid of the Infinity 40+ Masters:
Karsten Bartsch (1), Ulrich Dinger (2), Christian Müller (3), Werner Schmitzer (4), Manuel Stankowitz (5), Søren Boy Holst (6), Mirco Thalheimer (7), Thomas Oehler (8), Ingo Braun (9), Caspar Morgen (10).

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Scorpion Formula

Ratheisky again in Q4

The Scorpion Formula class saw another TQ run from Jan Ratheisky in front of David Ehrbar and Renè Kölbel. Everybody will try to keep up with Jan in the finals, let`s see what these guys can do to create some serious pressure on Jan and his Xray car.
David Ehrbar is the most promising challenger, and he will try to get ahead of Jan with his new and self-constructed EF1 Formula car.
The top 10 of the Formula class are:
Jan Ratheisky (1), David Ehrbar (2), Renè Kölbel (3), Herbert Weber (4), Olivier Bultynck (5), Michael Wojcik (6), Chris Grenz (7), Tim Benson (8), Patrick Sadrinna (9) and Luka Jovicic (10).

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