Ohlef and Rebmann cashing up at Arena33

The Dash for Cash is back at the ETS and we saw two different formats for 2 randomly chosen finals on Saturday afternoon.

Rebmann wins the Hot Lap Challenge

The first final from the draw was the 17.5 Stock C-Main. The challenge was simple: Everybody had two timed laps on the track which he had to drive all alone out there. With the fastest lap to count, the winner of the first round was Patrick Rebmann who did a 23.2 edging out Nele Knodel by a tenth of a second winning the price money of 200€. The crowd around the track was cheering everybody on and the atmosphere of “Dash for Cash” quickly came back to the ETS.

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Endurance race win for Ohlef

The FWD D-Main was in contention at the 15-minute race here on track at Arena33. All drivers had to perform 3 pit stops, with each stop lasting 10 seconds. Therefore, everybody had a buzzer on the driver stand to check in and out for the pit stops in a special marked area on the track. Timm Ohlef did the best job with a clever timing of his pit stops and an overall clean run. He won the 200€ price in this 15 minute Dash for Cash and his teammates celebrated with a Laola-wave beside the track!

Congratulations to our winners, it was amazing to see everybody enjoying the return of “Dash for Cash”.

Here you can see some impressions from the 15 minutes “Dash for Cash” race:

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