Matrix Modified

Völker takes it for Mugen Seiki

Matrix Modified A2 once again saw Ronald Völker checking out in front. After the first lap he had opened a small gap to the rest of the field, and then built on it lap after lap until he crossed the finish line some 2.6 seconds in front of the field. For Völker it was a very important win at his first big outing with Mugen Seiki, after he joined the Japanese company at the end of 2020.

We talked with the overall winner of the Matrix Modified class after A2:

As expected, the track had lower traction with the sun being stronger as yesterday. However, my race started pretty good and as I was able to pull a gap between me and the field, I just had to focus on my lines on the track of Arena33. As you can imagine I am very delighted to win my first big event with Mugen Seiki. I can`t thank Mugen enough for the support, especially with Robert (Pietsch) who always provides very important setup input for me and the team. The LRP power in my car worked flawlessly all week long too. I am also very happy for Robert and Eric (Dankel) making the Modified A-Main and Alex (Kunkler) being right on pace here in the ProStock class.
-Ronald Völker-

With his DNF after the collision with Rheinard in A1, Antoine Brunet finished second this time. We talked to him as well after A2:

In the first laps I was not really confident with my car. But with a battle of three cars going on behind me I could open up a small gap to them. That helped me to find my rhythm again and in the end I am happy that I could defend my second place against Rheinard. For A3 my plan is to stay in front of everybody to step on the podium here.
-Antoine Brunet-

Behind Antoine Brunet, it was Marc Rheinard finally getting a better result with finishing in third position. Our reporter talked to the Awesomatix factory driver to find out more about his A2 impressions:

After the disaster in A1, where I unintentionally hit Brunet, I took it easy at the start this time. After that I pushed a little more and tried to pass my teammate Lucas Urbain as soon as possible. When Lucas was riding a curb too much, I was able to pass him. But after our cars had a small contact in this moment, something on my car felt different afterwards. Overall, I am ok with P3 in this run. For A3 my goal is to fight with Antoine to win the final A-Main here at my home track.
-Marc Rheinard-

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Xray ProStock

Dominant Duchet seal’s overall win

Alexandre Duchet was the man to beat in the Xray ProStock class all weekend – and in A2 he once again showed his dominance by taking the run and the overall victory here at ETS RD1 in Andernach.

A very relieved Alexandre Duchet told us after A2:

The fight for the win was not easy, even if it looked like this for some spectators. All guys behind me have been super-fast and I had to show my best driving to walk away with the win here this weekend. I am really happy with my own driving, and I once again would like to thank Martin Hudy for all his help during the whole event.
-Alexandre Duchet-

Behind Duchet, Simon Lauter scored a second place finish in front of Jan Ratheisky (Xray), with Louis Kretschmer (Awesomatix) and Enrico Jung (Yokomo) completing the Top 5.

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Hobbywing Frontwheel

Olsen the overall winner

Steven Olsen finally brought home his first ever ETS race win in the Hobbywing Frontwheel class. After winning A1 yesterday evening, he had to stand his ground in A2 and defend his position in some very intense fights with Henrik Heitsch and Stefan Schulz. In the last 2 minutes of the race, Schulz and Olsen changed positions several times and it was fantastic to watch this race.

After A2, Steven Olsen told us:

After my car was not easy to drive in A1, I made some changes to make it more stable and better for close racing. The whole run was a real thriller and after my mistake in the chicane, I thought that I have to deal with second place. But then Stefan also made small mistakes in front of me, and I was able to get back in the lead. I am totally happy to walk away from this amazing facility with my first ever ETS race win.
-Steven Olsen-

Behind Olsen and Schulz, Kevin Sparbier (3), Henrik Heitsch (4) and Jaques Libar (5) roundet up the Top 5 in our Hobbywing Frontwheel A-Main number 2.

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Stock 17.5

Bemmerl victorious at Arena33

After winning A1 yestarday evening, Thomas Bemmerl did it for a second time to seal the overall win here at ETS RD1 in Andernach. Thomas won the race in front of Daniel Pöhlmann and Dominik Reile. Both looked slightly faster on the track, but after only starting third and fourth, they just didn`t have enough time to close the gap to Thomas during the 5-minute A-Main.

We talked with the overall winner Thomas Bemmerl after A2:

What a nice feeling to win again here in Andernach after I was able to do it last season too. After the start I was a little lucky as a lot of trouble was going on behind me. I never looked back and tried to keep the gap to the field until the end. Dominik and Daniel were both driving fast, and in the end, I just tried to control my mind to not make a stupid mistake. Finally, it worked out and I can not ask for more today!
-Thomas Bemmerl-

Behind Bemmerl, Pöhlmann and Reile, Roman Borschel (4) and Alexander Müller completed the Top 5.

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Infinity 40+ Masters

Amazing win for Søren Boy Holst

Sometimes miracles happen in RC racing – today we saw one in the Infinity 40+ Masters division. Being the only Gizmo driver this weekend, Søren Boy Holst was able to win A1 and A2 from the sixth (!) starting position – something which is not easy to do. He somehow got to the front in both runs and then controlled the field to the finish line. Congratulations for this amazing drive to Søren Boy Holst from Denmark.

Behind him, Thomas Oehler (2), Caspar Morgen (3), Christian Müller (4) and Manuel Stankowitz completed the Top 5.

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Scorpion Formula

Ratheisky again in A2

In the Scorpion Formula class, it was A1 winner Jan Retheisky who took the overall win with his victory in A2. In the opening laps David Ehrbar looked sharp and was all over Ratheisky, but after he was riding some curbs really hard, he lost some pace and was not able to close the gap to Jan anymore.

Behind the leaders, Renè Kölbel (3), Herbert Weber (4) and Olivier Bultynck completed the Top5.

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