Arena33 to host the ETS again

The second round of ETS Season #14 2021/22 is right around the corner and Arena33 will be the facility where all drivers meet again after a short break of only 4 weeks! Arena33 was chosen for RD2 as there are still a lot of Covid-19 restrictions in most European countries. The ETS crew nowadays needs a location which suits all predictable Covid-19 rules.
As Arena33 is managed by ToniSport it was the best solution to bring the ETS back to this track which is ETS approved and features enough space in the pits for everybody. As soon as it will be possible to race on our other beautiful ETS tracks they will come back to the schedule – let`s hope for Apeldoorn in September!

Solid number of entries for RD2

At the first round of the new season, we had 200 entries which was a great turnout for the comeback of international (and still restricted) RC racing. We missed some drivers who were not allowed to travel without dealing with quarantine or other problems and we still were happy with the overall number of entries. Once again, thank you to everybody who raced with us at ETS RD1.
The list of entries for RD2 is a little shorter with 170 entries right now. If we consider that we are in the middle of the summer holiday period with a lot of people having the chance to go to vacations for the first time since the start of the pandemic, we think 170 is something we can also be satisfied with.

Opposite driving direction

To create a new challenge and a different racing experience, the track at Arena33 will be raced into the opposite direction at ETS RD2. Last time the cars drove anti-clockwise, this time we will see everybody going clockwise on the track. Something like this is always a big challenge and the ETS crew is confident that it will produce some great racing during the weekend! We will publish our “Track Check” on Wednesday – check it out and learn about the Clockwise driven Arena33 for ETS RD2.

But now, let us take a closer look on the different classes, the list of entries, and what to expect from drivers and teams at ETS RD2 Season #14 2021/22

Matrix Modified

Coelho and Hagberg forced to cancel RD2 as well

The modified class will once again race without Xray`s top guns Bruno Coelho and Alexander Hagberg. They will not travel to Germany because of the quarantine regulations in their home country Portugal. As they already missed out RD1 for the same reason, they have to face a tough rest of the season with no more throw out result remaining.

Who will challenge Völker

The last ETS race at Arena33 was dominated by Ronald Völker and his new Mugen ride in a very impressive way. Last weekend he added another German champion title to his long list of victories with taking the win in Bernau (close to Berlin). It seems that he is feeling well and confident in his new team, and he will try to win his fourth consecutive ETS race (after winning in Daun and two times at Arena33) and the second ever for Mugen Seiki. His teammates Robert Pietsch and Eric Dankel both made the A-Main last time, and they will try everything to repeat this result to support Ronald in a strong way!

Rheinard close to Völker at German nationals

At the German nationals, Marc Rheinard was at the same pace with Ronald in the mains and he was right on Ronald`s tail in A1 and A2. It will be interesting to see, if Marc can find something on his Awesomatix to be that close to Ronald at Arena33 as well. If he can improve a little bit, he will be in contention for the win and Völker`s hardest challenger. Rheinard`s French Awesomatix teammate Lucas Urbain will not be in Andernach due to job-based commitments. RD1 finalist Tim Wahl, Thimo Weissbauer and Michele Manzo will be in the mix for Awesomatix at Arena33 to achieve a good team result for Awesomatix!

Can Xray get even closer?

Another one to watch will be Antoine Brunet from France – the rising star of ETS RD1. He was leading the Xray field of drivers in the modified class and he showed an extraordinary performance with qualifying second on the grid and bringing home the overall result in the end. Together with his Xray teammate Marco Kaufmann they will try to shine once again in the absence of Hagberg and Coelho. Will they be able to fight for the win?

Krapp, Prümper and Jasmin again for Yokomo

Yokomo`s lineup for RD2 remains the same with Christopher Krapp, Yannic Prümper and Loic Jasmin. They had a pretty descend pace last time and especially Krapp was very fast at the german nationals last weekend. It seems that their new car works fine, they now just need to transform the pace into a strong result at the ETS again. Krapp finished 4th last time at Arena33 and he, together with Yannic and Loic, will push hard to step on the podium this time!

Who else to watch?

Behind the bigger teams, there are a bunch of incredible fast guys in the field of high-class drivers. Schumacher`s Michal Orlowski is one of these drivers and we can expect a great performance from the polish star once again here at Arena33, where he made the A-Main at both races on the newly designed Arena33 track so far. With the support of his father, they will figure out how to go fast with their Schumacher platform while trying to improve his 8th spot from RD1. There are some more fast guys aiming to qualify for the A-Main and it will be a big show as always when we head into qualifying at ETS RD2 of Season #14.

Xray ProStock

Will Duchet carry the momentum?

We saw the French driver Alexandre Duchet taking away the win at RD1 in front of all his fast contenders. He was driving perfectly and got a lot of compliments from all drivers who tried to beat him. With the track now getting raced in clockwise direction, all eyes will be on Duchet and his Xray car and a lot of guys will try to outpace him. His teammates Jan Ratheisky (reigning ProStock champion) and Lukas Ellerbrock will complete the group of top guns for Xray. With Ratheisky always being able to win races we can all be very excited what the guys will show us at ETS RD2

High quality Awesomatix driver lineup

The field of drivers for RD2 looks very strong – as always in the prestigious ProStock class at the ETS. The strong Awesomatix team with Max Mächler, Simon Lauter, Olivier Bultynck, Frederik Mikkelsen, Martin Hofer and their latest team addition Alex Kunkler comes along with a lot of race craft. They will try to fight back against Xray with full force. The only driver missing at RD2 is Louis Kretschmer who did so good at RD1 with a 4th overall.

Jung wants another A-Main

Enrico Jung was fast with his new Yokomo ride at RD1, and he will aim to reach the A-Main again for a perfect start into the season. The fight for the A-Main spots will be a nail biter for sure!

Hobbywing Frontwheel

Steven Olsen on a high

After winning his first ever ETS race in the Hobbywing Frontwheel class, Steven Olsen should be on a high and in great form when he returns to Arena33. It was a hard-fought win for Olsen against Henrik Heitsch and the newly crowned German champion Stefan Schulz (he won the title last weekend in Bernau).

Trio to challenge Olsen

Heitsch and Schulz showed great pace in all their FWD races so far and it seems that they will be once again the guys to battle it out with Steven Olsen. But when we look at the other entries, we find Kevin Sparbier who is always super close with them, and he will try to repeat his podium finish from 2020 here at Arena33.

Comeback from “Hagi” and local hero Kaufmann

Another name we see on the list is Philipp “Hagi” Hagnauer from Switzerland who makes a quick ETS return after a long time. A driver to watch will be local hero Oliver Kaufmann who knows the Arena33 track and it`s behaviour very well. But as we only name a few guys here, there might be some surprises after qualifying as the A-Main spots are highly coveted. Everybody who ever made an A-Main at the ETS wants to do it again as it is something really rewarding!

Stock 17.5

Can somebody break Bemmerl`s winning streak?

The 17.5 Stock class was totally in the hands of Thomas Bemmer last time. Thomas impressed with clean driving, perfect racing lines and nerves from steel. He won the last two ETS races here at Arena33 and some fast guys on the list of entries will try to make life not easy for Bemmerl this time as he is the clear favorite for RD2.

Back-to-back champion Pöhlmann leads the hunt

Daniel Pöhlmann, the back-to-back champion of this class, Alexander Müller and Joachim Altenhof are the three drivers which are driving on top of this class constantly together with Bemmerl. They know how to win races and they will try to snatch the TQ away from Bemmerl this time to have a good chance of breaking his winning streak. Philip Hagnauer from Switzerland, who was really fast in his best years, can also be a guy to watch at ETS RD2.

Focus on Maximilian Unterschütz

The young and very talented Maximilian Unterschütz won a round of qualifying last time (Q4) and grabbed a strong second on the grid. The finals didn`t went to plan for Maximilian but he showed that he is improving race by race and it should be only a factor of time and patience until he can fight for a podium, or even a win in the 17.5 Stock class. We are looking forward to watch him racing on track!

Infinity 40+ Masters

Looking for another race winner

The Infinity 40+ Masters class was dominated by Alexander Stocker until Soren Boy Holst was able to win ETS RD1 at Arena33 with Stocker not attending the race. Boy Holst had a fantastic run in the finals, winning the event from the 6th starting spot – that was amazing.
But as Boy Holst is not on the entry list for RD2 so far, we are looking for a third different race winner of the 40+ Masters class.

Who will be the third ever 40+ Masters race winner?

Second place finisher Caspar Morgen, third place finisher Mirco Thalheimer and local hero Oliver Kaufmann will take the challenge. Together with the other A-Main finishers like Thomas Oehler, Ingo Braun, Manuel Stankowitz and Thorsten Baggendorf they will race it to the finish line to find out who will be the winner of the Infinity 40+ Masters class at ETS RD2.

Scorpion Formula

Ehrbar vs Ratheisky – an epic battle in F1

In the Scorpion Formula class, the battle for the win will be between Jan Ratheisky and David Ehrbar again – no doubt about that! The only drivers which were able to fight with them for a race win in the last years, Jitse Miedeme, Matej Dobnikar, Luke Lee, Olivier Bultynck and Andreas Stiebler will not race RD2 in Andernach this time.

Behind Ratheisky and Ehrbar we can expect Herbert Weber showing a good pace as he is one of the routiniers in the Formula class. RD1 Third place finisher Renè Kölbel maybe can throw something at Ratheisky and Ehrbar as he finished unchallenged on the podium last time. The rest of the field is kind of a surprise bag, and we are looking forward to find out what`s inside!

We are happy to welcome all of you at Arena33 for ETS RD2 Season #14 2021/22!

Let`s go racing!

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