The circus once again stops in Andernach

The ETS returns to the Arena33 racetrack in Andernach/Germany where the new season started only 4 weeks ago. The ToniSport managed track on the ground of the DJK Andernach Club will welcome all racers again for some great ETS racing action. Due to a lot of ongoing Covid-19  travel restrictions and country regulations not allowing to host events, the ETS crew saw the only chance for a RD2 at the same and proven venue again!

Same – same, but different!

We presented the track of Arena33 in our Track Check prior to RD1. As there has nothing changed in case of the surface, the curbs and the green Astro in between the track, it might look that ETS RD2 will be a copy of ETS RD1 and everything remains the same!
If you think so you are totally wrong! At ETS Rd2 the drivers must face the challenge running the track in the opposite direction. At RD1 it was anti-clockwise, and RD2 will see cars circulating in clockwise direction.

Running clockwise for a new challenge

At RD1, a lot of racers confirmed some facts from out Track Check concerning the nice curbs, the importance of a flowing rhythm and the weather sensitivity of Arena33. These facts will be a key for RD2 again, but the clockwise running direction will add something new for everybody to make it even more complicated to go fast.
It will be interesting to see what will challenge the drivers the most! Finding a new position on the driver stand? Hitting the long sweeper at the end of the main straight with maximum speed on the perfect line? Getting into the tight chicane without losing to much corner speed?

Possible key sections

As we don`t have any experience and data’s running clockwise at Arena33, the track is kind of an unknown factor as we head into ETS RD2. Nevertheless, we will point out some facts which we think can play a roll during the weekend of racing.

  1. The 2 corners before entering the main straight: These corners are relatively slow. Drivers can try to get super close to the car in front and with a better exit onto the straight there is a chance to get by in the long sweeper at the end of the straight!
  2. End of long Sweeper: We expect the cars to approach this section in full swing at a high speed. At this point, drivers must carry the best possible speed while entering the following, more tight corners. This section will be tricky and can lead drivers into mistakes while fighting for positions!
  3. In front of the Driver Stand: This section will be one of the key facts to go fast. After the long left hander, drivers can lose a lot of time this hard right turn. The position of every driver on the rostrum will also be important for a good feeling while passing by with the car directly in front of them.
  4. Chicane entry: The slowest point on track! Compared to the anti-clockwise running direction, the entrance into the chicane is tighter and requires a good amount of slow speed steering. We might also see some guys trying to pass others when they go wide at the chicane entry.
  5. The Teardrop on the left side: Here the cars arrive after they have accelerated hard out of the slow chicane. This corner offers enough space to go side by side and the radius can allow drivers to try something. If a pass is not possible, the following, more tight corners before the straightway will be the next option directly afterwards.

Let’s go racing

We are looking forward to the race weekend and the restart of the ETS after all these long months of waiting and hoping and the Arena33 track is fully ready for the show!