Matrix Modified

Völker back on top in Q3

After suffering a DNF in round 2 of qualifying, Ronald Völker looked unimpressed as he took the win in Q3 with his LRP powered Mugen Seiki. Behind Völker, Marc Rheinard crossed the finish line in second spot with his ORCA powered Awesomatix. With Marc being 1.9 seconds behind Ronald, Michal Orlowski (Schumacher/LRP) finished third with another second behind Rheinard’s runtime.
As Völker and Rheinard both have been on used tires in this run, they both will use a new set of tires in the last round of qualifying which has a real chance to be the rocket round today when the track cools down in the afternoon.
With Völker having scored two, and Rheinard one TQ run so far, the only chance for Rheinard for the overall TQ is a faster run in compared to Völker`s 17 laps coming out of Q1.
Behind Völker, Rheinard and Orlowski it was Yannic Prümper (Yokomo / Dash), and Christopher Krapp (Yokomo / Racing Performer) completing the top 5.  

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Xray ProStock

Ellerbrock surprises in Q3

Lukas Ellerbrock was able to lay down a perfect TQ run in Q3 with his Xray car. He finished 0.1 second ahead of his teammate Alexandre Duchet and Awesomatix team manager Max Mächler who was another 0.8 seconds behind Duchet.
With Duchet having the two fastest TQ runs on his side so far, he will have the best chance to start from pole in the triple A-Mains on Sunday. Q4 will show how the cars will finally line up in the Xray ProStock class.

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Hobbywing Frontwheel

TQ run from Schulz

After rolling his car onto the roof in Q2, Stefan Schulz performed better in Q3 of FWD qualifying as he won the top heat in front of Steven Olsen again. However, Steven Olsen was only 0.4 seconds back in this qualifier and he will try to maximize the pressure on Schulz in the next runs – especially in the mains – for sure.
Roman Borschel (3), Kevin Sparbier (4) and Alexander Müller (5) completed the top five in Q3 of the Hobbywing Frontwheel class.

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Stock 17.5

Kuschnarew fastest in Q3

17.5 Stock Top Seed David Kuschnarew found back his rhythm in Q3 and scored maximum points for the round. Maximilian Unterschütz finished second and reigning champion Daniel Pöhlmann third. Behind them, Dominik Ruf took fourth for the round and a much-improved Jan Gehrig fifth.
The TQ of Q1 and Q2, Thomas Bemmerl, opted to sit out Q3 to save some tires for the next heats which can be a benefit for him when he will be able to convert them into a good result.

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Infinity 40+ Masters

Overall TQ wide open as Baggendorf takes Q3

In the Infinity 40+ Masters class, Torsten Baggendorf took round three of qualifying. With three different TQ`s so far, the decision for the overall top qualifier is wide open in front of Q4.
Werner Schmitzer, Caspar Morgen and Torsten Baggendorf won a round of qualifying each. With Baggendorf scoring two second places as well, he has a small advantage from Morgen and Schmitzer who both have a third place on their score card so far.
It will all come down to Q4 and we are looking forward for the overall TQ decision in the Infinity 40+ Masters class here at ETS RD2.

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Scorpion Formula

Ratheisky overall TQ as Ehrbar closes the gap

In the Scorpion Formula class, Jan Ratheisky is the overall TQ. He won the first three rounds of qualifying here at Arena33 which secures him the sweet spot for the triple A-Mains on Sunday.
His closest contenders, Lukas Hoch and David Ehrbar, have been on a similar hot lap pace in Q3 (all with 22.3), but Jan was able to win with 2.2 seconds ahead of David. Lukas Hoch lost six seconds in lap 11 which destroyed his run in Q3 completely.
Behind the leaders, Renè Kölbel and Herbert Weber once again finished “best of the rest” in P4 and P5! 

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