With Scotty Ernst not being able tofly over to commentate the last three ETS races, we are happy to let you know that it looks like he can make the trip to Apeldoorn for ETS RD3. With the reduction of travel restrictions, we expect Scotty to be with us in the Netherlands – these news are really amazing!
We had a quick chat with Scotty and he had the following words for the ETS family:

It has been a very long and trying time for everyone around the World with the Covid situation and for me it has been extremely difficult since my job is traveling around the World organizing and commentating RC Events. My last international trip was February of 2020 almost 18 months ago which was ETS Daun Germany. I am happy to let everyone know that it looks like the travel restrictions have been reduced and I will be able to make my return to the ETS at Apeldoorn.

As half owner of the ETS and EOS Series it has been so frustrating for me to not be able to travel and be with everyone over the past couple of events. All the friends I have made over the years and such great racing has made it very difficult to not be there doing what I do. Thankfully I will be making my return and I look forward to seeing everyone and doing my part of the ETS team to give everyone the great level of racing and exciting atmosphere you expect at an ETS event. I hope everyone can join us in a few weeks in the Netherlands for some great racing at such an amazing facility.

I look forward to seeing everyone very soon in Apeldoorn.
On the Tone,