AMCA Apedoorn to host ETS race for seventh time

The AMCA Apeldoorn is the hosting club for ETS RD3 Season #14 2021/22. With the city of Apeldoorn being located 90km east bound from the Dutch capitol Amsterdam, it is a very approachable location for all racers. Until now, the ETS circus raced in Apeldoorn six times and all drivers are really looking forward for the seventh ETS race on this amazing track in the Netherlands.

Fast, flowing layout

When we look at the track, it is noticeable that it is a very natural one with grass all around and some nice-looking curbs. The Asphalt is super smooth and offers a great amount of traction which all drivers are highlighting when you ask them about the track. The driving direction in Apeldoorn is anti-clockwise.

The track also features some great spots for overtaking as the layout is fast and relatively open. Drivers can build up good pressure on the car in front of them as there are some corners which are easy to overshoot as the cars approach those corners with a lot of speed. Some of the corners at the AMCA Apeldoorn racetrack are slightly banked – always a fact making racing more enjoyable and interesting.

World class facility

The whole facility around the track is amazing as well. The AMCA Apeldoorn is caring about their ground with a lot of love to detail and perfection. There is nothing drivers can miss, as the location features a cafeteria, restrooms, a sheltered pit area, a huge driver stand and a well-organized technical inspection. A huge electronic board is installed trackside as well to show the positions of the drivers during the race.

Another highlight at the AMCA Apeldoorn is the tribune at the left end of the track where drivers and spectators can watch the races in a nice atmosphere. During the last races, the tribune was the place to be when it was time for the A-Mains as the view onto the track is just perfect to not miss anything on track!

Let`s go racing

We are looking forward to see you racing at this great track and we are sure that all of you will like the location when you will visit the AMCA Apeldoorn for the first time!