ETS Free Practice Report RD3 Season #14 2021/22

Free practice in Apeldoorn

After the track being wet in the morning, the six rounds of free practice got cut down to five rounds which started at 11 o`clock here in Apeldoorn. All drivers took the chance to work on their setups and driving lines for the beautiful and challenging track of the AMCA club. The weather forecast for the next days is pretty good now with temperatures between 11 degrees in the morning and around 20 degrees during daytime and a mix between sun and cloud layers.

Matrix Modified

Coelho tops Thursday practice in the Netherlands

The Matrix Modified class saw the top drivers once again being extremely close over their 3 fastest consecutive laps. Compared to Arena33 in Andernach, the track here in Apeldoorn allows drivers to push a little harder while using the curbs to achieve the fastest times on the sheet.
After five rounds of free practice on Thursday, it was Xray factory driver and reigning touring car world champion Bruno Coelho who found himself on top of the board in front of Mugen Seiki`s Ronald Völker and Coelho`s Xray teammate Alexander Hagberg. With Coelho`s advantage over Völker being 0.190 seconds over three laps, the pressure is on Völker and all the other guys to challenge Bruno Coelho in tomorrow’s seeding practice and especially in qualifying, when the pace over 5 minutes is even more important. Yannic Prümper (Yokomo) and Marc Rheinard (Awesomatix) made it into the top 5 and they will try to improve their pace tomorrow for sure to have a shot for the top spots on the grid as well.
Tim Benson 6. (Mugen Seiki), Robert Pietsch 7. (Mugen Seiki), Antoine Brunet 8. (Xray), Christopher Krapp 9. (Yokomo) and Tim Wahl 10. (Awesomatix) completed the top ten in the Matrix Modified class during Thursday practice here in Apeldoorn.

The Top 5 after Thursday practice (over 3 consecutive laps)

1.  Bruno Coelho | 42.664 (Xray/Hobbywing)
2.  Ronald Völker | 42.854 (Mugen Seiki/LRP)
3.  Alexander Hagberg | 42.915 (Xray/Hobbywing)
4.  Yannic Prümper | 43.000 (Yokomo/Dash)
5.  Marc Rheinard | 43.011 (Awesomatix/Orca)

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Xray ProStock

Duchet leads ProStock with a small gap to Lauter

In the Xray ProStock class it looks like we will see another close fight between the Xray and Awesomatix top guns this weekend. The winner of the last 3 ETS ProStock races, Alexandre Duchet, was fastest once again but this time the others have been more than super close to Duchet in today`s free practice. Simon Lauter (Awesomatix) finished second for the day, just 0.030 seconds behind the French Xray driver Duchet. Jan Ratheisky (Xray) came in third, with his gap to Lauter and Duchet around 0.3 seconds.
The Awesomatix duo of Alex Kunkler and Max Mächler completed the top 5 at the end of day 1 in Apeldoorn, and with the small gaps over the 3 fastest consecutive laps it is no rocket science to expect some rounds of very intense qualifying action at the MACA racetrack on Friday evening and Saturday!
Olivier Bultynck 6. (Awesomatix), Lukas Ellerbrock 7. (Xray), Martin Hofer 8. (Awesomatix), Nicolai Lindegaard 9. (Schumacher) and Louis Kretschmer 10. (Awesomatix) completed the top 10 at the first day in the Xray ProStock class.

The Top 5 after Thursday practice (over 3 consecutive laps)

1. Alexandre Duchet | 46.833 (Xray)
2. Simon Lauter | 46.863 (Awesomatix)
3. Jan Ratheisky | 47.150 (Xray)
4. Alex Kunkler | 47.245 (Awesomatix)
5. Max Mächler | 47.250 (Awesomatix)

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Hobbywing Frontwheel

Schulz leads Olsen and Kroos in FWD

Stefan Schulz continues his performance from ETS Rd2 so far here in Apldoorn. He showed the best pace over 3 consecutive laps in the Hobbywing Frontwheel class in front of his strongest rival and championship leader Steven Olsen. Mischa Kroos followed in third position and completed the top 5 together with Manuel Stankowitz (4) and Jacques Libar (5).
With Schulz and Olsen fighting for the win in the last 2 ETS races at Arena33 in Germany, we expect them to be the main contenders here in the Netherlands as well after today’s free practice rounds. But as practice is “just practice”, we will see if anybody else can challenge Olsen and Schulz for the win during the weekend!
Henrik Heitsch (6), Frederik Hovgaard (7), Caspar Morgen (8), Kevin Sparbier (9) and Torsten Baggendorf completed the top 10 of free practice in the Hobbywing Frontwheel class at the end of Thursday`s free practice sessions!

The Top 5 after Thursday practice (over 3 consecutive laps)

1. Stefan Schulz | 59.252
2. Steven Olsen | 59.429
3. Mischa Kroos | 59.872
4. Manuel Stankowitz | 1:00.158
5. Jaques Libar | 1:00.248

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Orca Stock 17.5

Pöhlmann fastest in Thursday practice

In the Orca Stock 17.5 class the hunt for the actual championship leader Thomas Bemmerl is right underway. Current champion Daniel Pöhlman scored the fastest 3 consecutive laps of the day, just 0.097 seconds ahead of Roman Borschel. Dominik Reile is sitting in third place right now and is in striking distance to the leading duo. With Maximilian Unterschütz and the winner of the last 3 races, Thomas Bemmerl, there are two more top guns right behind them in the top 5.
Round 2 runner up David Kuschnarew (6), Elena Fuchs (7), Niclas Storm (8), Felix Schneider (9) and Jasmin Donath (10) are completing the top 10 of the 17.5 Stock class here at the first day in Apeldoorn at ETS RD3 Season #14 2021/22.
It will be exciting to see, who will be able to improve his pace to stay on top of the field when we head into round 1 of Qualifying on Friday evening!

The Top 5 after Thursday practice (over 3 consecutive laps)

1. Daniel Pöhlmann | 51.830
2. Roman Borschel | 51.927
3. Dominik Reile | 51.986
4. Maximilian Unterschütz | 52.017
5. Thomas Bemmerl | 52.074

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ToniSport 40+ Masters

Sievers on top of the Masters class

With Soren Boy Holst and Caspar Morgen we saw 2 different winners in the actual season of the Infinity 40+ Masters class. During today`s rounds of free practice Elibert Sievers was able to turn the fastest laps at the AMCA Apeldoorn racetrack. ETS RD2 race winner Caspar Morgen was closest to Sievers in second place, followed by Manuel Stankowitz in the third spot. Frank Fuchs, who was on the podium at Arena33 as well, finished fourth for the day in front of Thomas Oehler in fifth position. With the top 5 only separated by 0.342 seconds we can expect a hard fight for pole position in qualifying.
Ingo Braun (6), Flavio Paladin (7), Toni Mateo (8), Torsten Baggendorf (9) and Ben Loojen (10) are rounding up the top 10 here at the first day in the Tonisport 40+ Masters class.

The Top 5 after Thursday practice (over 3 consecutive laps)

1. Elibert Sievers | 51.929
2. Caspar Morgen | 52.059
3. Manuel Stankowitz | 52.247
4. Frank Fuchs | 52.267
5. Thomas Oehler | 52.271

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Scorpion Formula

Ehrbar, Miedema and Ratheisky leading in F1

David Ehrbar was the fastest driver in today`s five rounds of free practice in the Scorpion Formula class. Ehrbar and Ratheisky both scored his fastest consecutive laps in the third round of practice mid-day, while Dutch driver Jitse Miedema drove his fastest laps in the fourth round.
Herbert Weber and Tomáš Sova completed the top 5 some tenths of a second behind the top 3 while Renè Kölbel (6), Sören Sparbier (7), Bram Lagerwey (8), Marek Sova (9) and Luka Jovicic (10) completed the top 10 for the day.
Can Jitse Miedema challenge the experts of Formula racing, Ehrbar and Ratheisky, for the win here in Apeldoorn? We will find it out until Sunday evening.

The Top 5 after Thursday practice (over 3 consecutive laps)

1. David Ehrbar | 54.719
2. Jitse Miedema | 54.841
3. Jan Ratheisky | 55.105
4. Herbert Weber | 55.565
5. Tomáš Sova | 55.698

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On Friday morning, drivers will have another two rounds of free practice followed by two important rounds of seeding practice for the definition of qualifying groups. Last on Friday afternoon will be the first round of qualifying where all drivers and teams had to show what they have in their pockets. We are looking forward to Friday here at ETS RD3 in Apeldoorn!

Follow us during the whole weekend and check out the LIVE section on our website. There you find the livestreaming from ETS RD3 Season #14 2021/22 at AMCA Apeldoorn / NED via!