Matrix Modified

Mugen`s Völker takes A3 to secure second overall

Ronald Völker (Mugen Seiki) took the win in the last final of the Matrix Modified class. Völker started from pole as race winner Coelho had to sit out A3 and he crossed the finish line 1.4 seconds ahead of Yannic Prümper who had a great fight with Marc Rheinard during the entire race. With his second place in A3, Yannic will step onto the podium together with Coelho and Völker as Rheinard had to take fourth overall here in Apeldoorn. Yokomo`s Christopher Krapp completes the overall top 5.

We talked to the overall top 3 after the trophy ceremony and here is what they had to say:

It was a perfect weekend for me and my team as we wanted to achieve the best possible result with our new X4 platform. Now we walk away from the Netherlands with the win and we couldn`t ask for more. Also for myself it is great to be back in competition as I could not attend a touring car race in the last 12 months.

Bruno Coelho, Xray/Hobbywing

For sure I wanted to win this race here in Apeldoorn but P2 is not a bad result in the end. I was happy with my LRP powered Mugen Seiki car all weekend and the gap to Bruno was small all the time. He did a good job and deserved the win. I also want to point out that it is really amazing to see the growing numbers of Mugen cars in the pits and I am happy that Eric made the Main here as well.

Ronald Völker, Mugen Seiki/LRP

My weekend was very good and I am absolutely satisfied with third overall. I had a really good pace and tried everything to close the gap to Bruno and Ronald with my Dash powered Yokomo. With finishing third here in the Netherlands after finishing on the podium at RD2 in Arena33 as well it shows that we are on the right way with our car. We had three cras in the A-Main with Krappi taking 5th and Loic 7th overall.

Yannic Prümper, Yokomo/Dash

Overall results of the Matrix Modified class (Car/Electronics)

1. Bruno Coelho (PT) Xray/Hobbywing
2. Ronald Völker (DE) Mugen Seiki/LRP
3. Yannic Prümper (DE) Yokomo/Dash
4. Marc Rheinard (DE) Awesomatix/Orca
5. Christopher Krapp (DE) Yokomo/Racing Performer
6. Antoine Brunet (FR) Xray/Hobbywing
7. Loic Jasmin (FR) Yokomo/LRP
8. Michele Manzo (CH) Awesomatix/Hobbywing
9. Eric Dankel (DE) Mugen Seiki/Hobbywing
10. Alexander Hagberg (SE) Xray/Hobbywing
Winner B-Main: Michal Orlowski (PL) Schumacher/LRP
Winner C-Main: Rémi Callens (FR) Mugen Seiki/Hobbywing

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Xray ProStock

Lauter wins big for Awesomatix

In the Xray ProStock class we saw another super close and eventful final in the last leg. It was all about Tim Benson (Mugen Seiki) and Simon Lauter (Awesomatix) and Simon was able to put huge pressure on Benson directly after the start.
As the pressure reached the maximum, Benson and Lauter went on the main straight side by side and the cars touched each other just a little bit. Nothing big at all but enough to let Benson`s car fly of the straight into the barriers. He could continue his run but was not able to recover anymore. As it was just a normal racing incident, Simon Lauter was taking full advantage of it bringing home the overall victory in the Xray ProStock class at ETS RD3 in Apeldoorn. What a great result for Lauter in this field of world class ProStock drivers!
Tim Benson finished second and Lukas Ellerbrock (Xray) in third on the podium.

Overall results of the Xray ProStock class (Car/Battery)

1. Simon Lauter (DE) Awesomatix, LRP
2. Tim Benson (DE) Mugen Seiki, Nosram
3. Lukas Ellerbrock (DE) Xray, LRP
4. Frederik Mikkelsen (DK) Awesomatix, LRP
5. Alexandre Duchet (FR) Xray, Orca
6. Alex Kunkler (FR) Awesomatix, Ruddog Racing
7. Jan Ratheisky (DE) Xray, Sunpadow
8. Rob Janssen (NL) Awesomatix, Sunpadow
9. Max Mächler (DE) Awesomatix, Sunpadow
10. Martin Hofer (DE) Awesomatix, Nosram
Winner B-Main: Nicolai Lindegaard (DK) Schumacher
Winner C-Main: Fabian Bucher (DE) Awesomatix
Winner D-Main: Benjamin Elbisser (FR) Xray

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Hobbywing Frontwheel

Olsen and Kroos joining Schulz on FWD podium

Steven Olsen took the last leg of A-Mains in the Hobbywing Frontwheel class in front of Mischa Kroos and Manuel Stankowitz. With these results from A3 Olsen is second overall and Kroos will join him on the podium in third position.

Overall results of the Hobbywing Frontwheel class
1. Stefan Schulz (DE) Xray
2. Steven Olsen (DK) Awesomatix
3. Mischa Kroos (CH) Awesomatix
4. Manuel Stankowitz (DE) Awesomatix
5. Nicolas Delisè (BE) Awesomatix
6. Henrik Heitsch (DE) ARC
7. Oliver Kaufmann (DE) Awesomatix
8. Jacques Libar (LU) Awesomatix
9. Torsten Baggendorf (DE) Awesomatix
10. Frederik Hovgaard (DK) Yokomo
Winner B-Main: Kevin Sparbier (DE)
Winner C-Main: Georg Rolshoven (DE)
Winner D-Main: Stéphane Delisè (FR)

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Orca 17.5 Stock

Pöhlmann and Bemmerl on the Podium

After race winner Dominik Reile had to sit out A3, it was Daniel Pöhlmann who was able to win the last final in front of Thomas Bemmerl and Felix Schneider. Reile will be flanked by Pöhlmann (2) and Bemmerl (3) on the podium while ETS RD2 winner David Kuschnarew (4) and Maximilian Unterschütz (5) completed the top 5 in the hard fought Orca 17.5 Stock class.

Overall Top 10 of the Orca 17.5 Stock class
1. Dominik Reile (DE) Awesomatix
2. Daniel Pöhlmann (DE) Awesomatix
3. Thomas Bemmerl (DE) Awesomatix
4. David Kuschnarew (DE) Yokomo
5. Maximilian Unterschütz (DE) Mugen Seiki
6. Felix Schneider (DE) Awesomatix
7. Max Körner (DE) Mugen Seiki
8. Elena Fuchs (DE) Awesomatix
9. Roman Borschel (DE) Awesomatix
10. Tristan Bergheim (DE) Awesomatix
Winner B-Main: Niklas Hinz (DE) Mugen Seiki

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ToniSport 40+ Masters

Big win for Sievers in the Masters class

Local hero Elibert Sievers was able to lay down a clean run in A3 of the ToniSport 40+ Masters class. Sievers didn`t look back after the start and tried to fucus on his lines. Toni Mateo was right on his tale but in the end Sievers could bring home the win in front of his home crowd. Manuel Stankowitz crossed the line in third position which saved him the last spot on the ToniSport 40+ Masters podium!

Our race reporter talked to Elibert Sievers during the trophy ceremony and a super happy Elibert said:

I am super, super happy with my result. Before the race my goal was to make the A-Main. And then I found myself on pole position which was an amazing feeling. After A1 was a mess for me I am even more proud and happy that I still could manage to get everything together in A2 and A3. Winning an ETS race feels really great!

Elibert Sievers, Awesomatix

Overall result of the Infinity 40+ Masters class
1. Elibert Sievers (NL) Awesomatix
2. Toni Mateo (ES) Awesomatix
3. Manuel Stankowitz (DE) Mugen Seiki
4. Thomas Oehler (DE) Mugen Seiki
5. Torsten Baggendorf (DE) Awesomatix
6. Flavio Paladin (IT) Xray
7. Caspar Morgen (DK) Xray
8. Ron van Bergen (NL) Awesomatix
9. Werner Schmitzer (AT) Awesomatix
10. Andy Kühne (DE) Awesomatix
Winner B-Main: Ingo Braun (DE)
Winner C-Main: Marc de Witt (DE)
Winner D-Main: Luc Wouters (BE)
Winner E-Main: Martin Fessler (AT)

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Scorpion Formula

Ratheisky and Lagerwey joining Miedema on the Podium

Jan Ratheisky won the last A-Main of the Scorpion Formula class in front of David Ehrbar and Bram Lagerwey. With this win in A3, Ratheisky is second overall and Bram Lagerwey made it a one and three for the Netherlands after Jitse Miedema took the overall win after A2

Overall Top 10 of the Scorpion Formula class
1. Jitse Miedema (NL) Infinity
2. Jan Ratheisky (DE) Xray
3. Bram Lagerwey (NL) Infinity
4. Herbert Weber (AT) Xray
5. Robin van Gog (NL) Infinity
6. David Ehrbar (DE) Ehrbar Engineering
7. Renè Kölbel (AT) Xray
8. Chris Grenz (DE) Ehrbar Engineering
9. Sören Sparbier (DE) Serpent
10. Michael Lipperheide (DE) Ehrbar Engineering
Winner B-Main: Tomáš Sova (CZ) Xray

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