In a period of 2 weeks, the “Chuck`s raceway” team converted the former “Stefan Schnoor Arena” indoor soccer hall into a really nice RC raceway. The team installed the famous black ETS carpet and created a flowing layout with our well-known ETS curbs. With the astro turf pit area directly behind the track, everything is compact and easy to approach. On the pictures you may have noticed, that the driver stand doesn’t feature separation walls anymore. This is caused by the applied 2G rule (vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19). The rostrum will be easy to step on and off as there are stairs on both sides. The whole facility in Neumünster looks brilliant right now and we are looking forward to ETS RD4 in December.

New 360 degree views – ETS carpet with foil and ready to rock

Practice and TOS in Neumünster

As it looks right now, there will be a TOS race in Neumünster in November. This will be a great chance to practice on the ETS carpet in race conditions and to get used to the facility and its surroundings. There will also be normal practice days on Chuck`s Raceway – more information about that to follow soon!

New ETS carpet and layout for RD4

We received some questions about the track and the carpet for the ETS race. Therefore we like to point out: There will be a completeöey NEW carpet with a NEW layout for ETS RD4 in December. The team in Neumünster will lay down the fresh carpet in the days right before the race and nobody will drive on it until the start of Thursday practice. It will be like always when we race indoors – same chances for everybody!