Today`s guest in our series of „ETS Family Interviews“ is Loic Jasmin from France.  Loic is racing at almost every ETS and we asked him about his RC racing program and his private life in the northern region of France!

Hello Loic, and a warm welcome to our series of “ETS Family Interviews”. When you followed some of our interviews until today, you might know the first question: How are you and your family doing and how is the situation in your hometown Longwy at the moment?
First of all, thanks a lot for having me and continuing your super nice series of interviews, really appreciated to be a part of it ! Everything is going well for us here, life is finally returning to a normal situation the last few days, slowly but safely. We still have to take care and respect the restrictions, that I completely understand, but it’s nice to finally be allowed to visit my family and friends and to do things outside the house, others than only cleaning it or taking care of the garden…


What is your job and how is it affected by Covid-19? Are you able to work in your company or from home office right now? 
I am working as an engineer-adviser in a Luxemburgish office specialized in renewable energies and all the technical stuffs (heating system, sanitation, electricity, lifts, etc…) you need in a new building. Basically, I am drawing plans together with the architects and then planning the stuffs lists. Then, I am visiting the building when the companies are working in to check and control if they did wrong, but I’m not this guy that everybody don’t like because he’s always complaining about!
Luckily I was able to work at 100% from home the first 5 weeks, almost nothing changed in terms of amount of work, only the fashion style was quite different (if you see what I mean…) But since May, I am working half a week at the company office and I have to say it’s finally quite enjoyable to go there sometimes!


We know that your older brother Mika is also racing RC cars. Is he the person who brought you close to the hobby or was it you who got him hooked up in RC? At what age you started with your first RC car?
Mika is definitely THE person who brought me in this hobby back in 2001, 19 years ago, as he started first ! At that time I was not passionated by RC-cars actually so I did not race at first and I just followed him at some club’s races, watching and helping him a bit, for almost one year. Once he let me try his own car and then everything started: I got my first RC car the next Xmas and I was already almost 15 years old, which is quite late compared to many others. I can’t thank him enough for what he did at the very beginning for sure but mostly after the loss of our dad back in 2008. Since then, he always has eyes on my results, always sending me a text during a race, always supporting me. He’s sometimes garish but I feel lucky to have a brother who is so much involved and passionate by this hobby and he is mainly the reason why I’m still playing toys at 33.


Do you remember your first car and the feeling of driving around with it?
My very first car was a TAMIYA TB-01 with a Ford Focus bodyshell and M2 grip tires. The first time I drove it was already in Longwy, Cosec. At that time, we raced directly on the ground of the hall without any carpet. Traction was very low and it was more about drifting but I loved this car, so much fun. I still have it at home!


How long after you started driving RC cars you hit a racetrack for the first time? Did you become a member of your actual club MRC Longwy at a very young age or later during your RC career?
I straightly drove on a racetrack at my very first race, and I becamea member of the MRC Longwy club at the same time. I’ve always been a member of this club since day one (and hopefully it stays like this forever) and since my brother has taken the official chiefship, I really started to be involved at 200%. This club means a lot to me as this is kind of a “Family Affair” as we know each other for many years and that’s one of the secrets of our success I guess!


At one day you might have noticed that you maybe have “a little bit more skills” than some others!  What was your first memorable race result which you now think gave you kind of a boost for your future in RC?
Maybe when I won my very first RC race with 2 laps in front of the top-driver of the club. For sure, it was a boost, not only for me but also for my dad who was not totally convinced by the RC-cars as he was more a real 1:1 motorsports lover and this decided him to invest more time and money for me in this hobby. I can also remember my first A-main at the Euros in France in 2007. This gave me a huge boost for my future as well!


When we look at your list of titles and great results today, we can see the amount of eight French TC National Championships and one in the 1:12 scale class. In which year did you win your first one? Can you remember where it was and who stood beside you onto the podium?
I got my first French TC National title back in 2009. I don’t remember who finished 2nd and 3rd, sorry!


How are the French nationals held? Is there a series of races which get added together or do you have to qualify during the year for one deciding main event? How would you rate the competition in 1:10 scale electric onroad in france?
The French Nationals are a series of 5 races all around the country, with 4 out 5 counting at the end for the overall ranking. It’s a 2-3 days event at every race, so this makes the season long, exciting and exhausting but really fun at the end! The competition is really good actually, with many experienced and talented drivers - most of them getting already many strongs results at the ETS, ENS or EFRA races - like Lucas Urbain, Cyril N’Diaye, Antoine Brunet, Alexandre Laurent, Alexandre Duchet, Remi Callens, Thomas Vigneron, etc… Races are always close and interesting, and the atmosphere is super nice as we know each other for a while.


Your national title in 1:12 scale was a single event accident, or did you race 1:12 scale more often in the past?
I raced 1:12 scale for 3 seasons I guess, 8-10 years ago. I even made the 2012 Worlds in Heemstede. It was fun but I did not had time to focus more as touring car racing is taking already all my free time!


In 2012 you qualified for the A-Main at the IFMAR worlds in Heemstede/Netherlands where you finished 6th overall. The field of drivers was second to none and the competition was extreme as it was a world championship race. Tell us a little bit about your memories from these worlds?
That is one of my best RC memories for sure! I was already racing for Yokomo at that time and they sent me the BD7-prototype a few days before the event. I did not have enough time at home to get the car 100% ready, so I spent the one-day break in between trying to finish the car, the bodyshell, setting up the car and the new speedo from LRP as well, with the help of my friend and mechanics for this race, Kevin. When the first practice started, of course many things on the car were wrong and so was the setup. The first and a half day were not the best, until I copied Dominik Fleishmann’s car setup. After that, the car was flying! I did not change anything on the car for the rest of the event, even not rebuilding shocks. Q1 came and I scored a P6. So good! At the end, I qualified P8 thanks to the Q6-story with the rain, where I had to wait for 1-2 hours for the final decision to maintain Q6. I also remember the drivers’ presentation where the A-main drivers were called one by one, taking official pictures in front of the rostrum and finally have a walk around the track: I really felt like a rock star for a few minutes! That was really fun and I will always remember.


Then, in 2018 you finally showed up in the A-Main again at the IFMAR worlds in South Africa. The facility there looked great and the racing was good as well. What would you say, how far has RC racing changed in development of the cars, electronics, tires and other stuff compared to 2012 when you raced your first worlds A-Main?
The 2018 Worlds was held in one of the best facility I ever went. Everything was crazy good organized and it’s really a shame that many drivers/sponsors did not want to send their drivers there! Compared to 2012, for sure many things changed and improved a lot, sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a bad way in my opinion; even if in 2012 it was still not as hardcore as nowadays. Every things became easier and more accessible at some point for the new /“standard” drivers now but on the same way, it’s also becoming really picky as every details is counting and everybody is looking for the tiny details that makes you win thousands and can make the difference on the track.


Beside the IFMAR worlds, which is the highest rated “single event race” for sure, the ETS has established itself as the world’s most important racing series for 1:10 scale electric touring cars.
As you are racing in the series since many years now, what in your opinion makes the ETS so special for so many people?
In my opinion, the ETS series is so special for many because on one side, you can see the best drivers in the worlds racing against each other SIX TIME a year! Sometimes, when you are not too bad, you can also racing against them or if you f*** up, you can still be at least in the same ranking list! On the other side, on the same event and racing on the same track, you have also many “hobby” drivers who can fight for the win in the multiple classes that ETS is proposing, so everybody can find the best class for himself to enjoy the race at its best. Rules are quite simple and always related with the current situation. The atmosphere is also clearly one of the best, with Scotty making the show whatever main is running, and all the drivers feeling like they are winning big! It’s always hard to find the good balance between “hard competition” and “hobby” on a same event and the ETS series is clearly doing well.


After a successful 2 years stint with Awesomatix you returned to your previous chassis sponsor Yokomo in 2020. On the electronic side you are a part of the LRP factory team since a very long time now. Can you tell us a little bit about working with the LRP team?  What do you think is the biggest benefit from staying with a sponsor or a product line for a long period of time?
I have the chance to get the support from LRP and Jürgen Lautenbach for almost a decade now. Working with him is always rewarding as he is one the best in his job and his knowledge is incredible. We are talking quite often about the settings and improvements we can do. He always takes care of his drivers during an event (or even a practice session), watching our runs, asking how the electronics is feeling and giving his advices and his point of view about the changes. Then I’m trying to give him the best feedbacks to keep moving forward. We improved a lot the last few months and this is the results of our LRP teamwork.
For sure, staying with a sponsor for a long time gives many benefits. To me, the biggest is the confidence in all the ways, making things easier and respectful for both sides. You cannot win alone and the confidence you give and you get from a sponsor is one the most important key to success.


Your club, the MRC Longwy, is organizing the Longwy Winter Series and the very famous GP3F race which is one of the first big indoor races in January each year. Is the GP3F your favorite event because it`s held in your hometown or is it more stressful for you than other races because of the work you have to put in setting up the event?
Of course, it’s my favorite event! (Not objective). I really like to race at home in front of my family and friends. This gives me more confidence and makes me more relaxed. While it’s always a bit stressful before the event, as I have to help the guys to prep and set up everything for the event itself and at the same time preparing my RC stuff for the race, I’m always enjoying the race itself as a driver. I have the chance to be able to focus on my race and taking care of (almost!) nothing during the event like a normal driver as Mika and the guys are doing an outstanding job. But after A3, I have to help them again!


Which driver you like watching the most  when he is driving on the track? Did you had an “RC hero” when you were young?
I cannot name only one driver, as there is nothing sexy and exciting when a driver is driving alone. I would prefer to mention more than one, with Ronald, Marc and Bruno. These 3 guys showed us some memorable races! I was already too old to get an RC hero!


Do you prefer carpet or asphalt racing?
Definitely asphalt racing! Carpet is way too stressful…


What is the best RC track you have ever driven on?
I would say RCS Bangkok at the 2008 Worlds. Shame it does not exist anymore, but it’s still my best track on VRC!


Do you have other hobbies outside the RC racing scene?
I like doing sports : I’m playing a lot of Badminton, 2-3 times a week and also running, 1-2 times a week as well, depending on the motivation!

I also like gaming when I have free time, like during the lockdown for example. When I was younger, I was used to play a looot.


Do you follow other sports or support any kind of team around the world?
I’m a fan of motorsports racing in general, Formula 1 and MotoGP especially as these are the most publicized but I can watch whatever having an engine and making some laps around a track with a chronometer. Basically, I like competition!
I also like Football (Paris-Saint-Germain) and Tennis (Roger Federer) as well!


Your friend Lucas Urbain told us, that he doesn`t like cheese which is kind of unusual for French people! What about you? How does your perfect meal look like?
Just look at us and compare both : You can easily see which one is liking cheese!
Even if I’m French, Italians food is the best, and especially the pasta from my mum!


When we finally can return to the racetracks, what are your goals in RC racing for the future?
My goals are just to be back in the A-main as much as possible, with the 202(0)1 Worlds being the most important of course! Competition is tough nowadays with top7 always locked by the same drivers usually, so places are quite limited but I will do my best for sure!


What would you recommend to younger people when they just started RC or when they want to try it out?
They need first to enjoy it and take the time to improve step-by-step. For the youngest, they need to work well at school to convince their parents to buy all the stuffs and to travel and race.


Thank you for your time and for being a part of the ETS family for such a long time Loic! We wish you all the best and we look forward to see you soon on the track!
Thanks for the nice interview and also thanks to all of the ETS series’ crew for the job they are doing since a while, giving us the possibility to enjoy our hobby at its best and race all around Europe with friends. Take care, and I am looking forward to play cars very soon! Danke Ciao!


Volante Modified

01.Ronald Völker606pts
02.Alexander Hagberg600pts
03.Marc Rheinard600pts
04.Bruno Coelho 599pts
05.Lucas Urbain 594pts
06.Christopher Krapp 592pts
07.Elliott Harper 591pts
08.Yannic Prümper 591pts
09.Frederik Südhoff588pts
10.Marco Kaufmann 583pts


Xray Pro Stock

01.Jan Ratheisky 605pts
02.Alexandre Duchet603pts
03.Max Mächler 600pts
04.Simon Lauter599pts
05.Kevin Nielsen 595pts
06.Frederik B. Mikkelsen592pts
07.Lukas Ellerbrock592pts
08.Léo Arnold 591pts
09.Dominic Vogl 591pts
10.Olivier Bultynck584pts


Scorpion Formula

01.David Ehrbar 601pts
02.Jan Ratheisky 600pts
03.Jitse Miedema 599pts
04.Andreas Stiebler597pts
05.Dominik Reile 595pts
06.Matej Dobnikar 594pts
07.Olivier Bultynck  594pts
08.Jacques Libar 593pts
09.Luke Lee 590pts
10.Lukas Hoch 590pts


Scorpion Formula +40

01.Herbert Weber577pts
02.Chris Grenz571pts
03.Martijn v. d. Heijden569pts
04.Marek Sova563pts
05.Thomas Gruber556pts
06.Svetlin Douhlevski552pts
07.Willy Voisangrin287pts
08.Daniel Ghirlanda287pts
09.Thomas Hermann286pts
10.Thomas Dvorszky 284pts



01.Alexander Stocker  606pts
02.Caspar Morgen600pts
03.Thomas Oehler596pts
04.Nathan Parker595pts
05.Christian Drießle594pts
06.Mirco Thalheimer  593pts
07.Toni Mateo 593pts
08.Werner Schmitzer 592pts
09.Gregor König591pts
10.Trygve Berntsen588pts



01.Henrik Heitsch602pts
02.Stefan Schulz601pts
03.Enrico Jung601pts
04.Steven M. Olsen 598pts
05.David Kuschnarew595pts
06.Kevin Sparbier593pts
07.Marwin Riedelbauch589pts
08.Torsten Baggendorf586pts
09.Jacques Libar585pts
10.Christian Drießle 580pts


STOCK 17.5

01.Daniel Pöhlmann602pts
02.Thomas Bemmerl601pts
03.Joachim Altenhof600pts
04.Alexander Müller599pts
05.Ruf Dominik596pts
06.Marwin Riedelbauch590pts
07.Luis Moreno589pts
08.Torsten Baggendorf586pts
09.Tony Mur585pts
10.Sven Zietlow584pts