Team Yokomo driver Ronald Völker secured the overall Top Qualifying position in the final round of action at the ETS in Daun. Reflecting on his run, the German former ETS champion was clearly happy to start up front following a lot of work developing the team’s new BD10 chassis over the winter. Asked about any changes for the last round, Volker responded that he “changed the tyre prep slightly – and that was the best for the car right now”. Looking to the triple finals, he said to end qualifying with another TQ run was “for sure a boost going into A1. But I know Marc will try everything for the win”.

Marc Rheinard RC will line up second on the grid. Taking third in Q4, the German, who was let go from former team Creation Model Ltd./Infinity over the Christmas break in the ETS schedule, continues to be pleased with the speed he has found with his TONISPORT-backed Awesomatix chassis. Knows as one of the best head-to-head racers on the planet, spectators are likely to be treated to some close racing with Rheinard so evenly matched on pace with Volker this weekend. Rheinard’s Tonisport team-mate, also running an Awesomatix this weekend, Yannic Prümper took fourth in the round and will line up third overall. The big improvement in the round was Bruno Coelho, the XRAY driver second on the track to move into fourth in the final qualifying rankings. This pushes Yokomo’s Christopher Krapp down to fifth on the grid.

In Pro Stock, Jan Ratheisky’s hold over the class came to an end, as Olivier Bultynck took the final qualifier for Awesomatix. Noting it was a “good feeling – finally the driver was awake”, the popular Belgian put his result down to “just driving better”. The result means he will start second on the grid behind Ratheisky, with Alexandre Duchet’s Xray set to line up third. The Frenchman, who took third in Q4, reflected that his car was “really good. A little difficult in the first minute but overall good”. Not planning on any changes for the finals, he hopes to take his car, which is being prepared for him by Xray T4 designer Martin Hudy, onto the podium. Taking second on the round and fourth overall, Simon Lauter said he was “not super happy, you don’t come to an ETS to finish P4”. Cheering up a little, he said the team was working well together, and that “Ollie has the best car right now, but we are getting there with mine and I will see if I can learn anything else from him to help me for the finals”.

The first leg of the finals will take place on Saturday evening, with the results to be decided after legs two and three on Sunday.


Volante Modified

01.Ronald Völker602pts
02.Alexander Hagberg600pts
03.Bruno Coelho599pts
04.Marc Rheinard 598pts
05.Christopher Krapp 591pts
06.Elliott Harper 591pts
07.Yannic Prümper 591pts
08.Frederik Südhoff 588pts
09.Lucas Urbain 584pts
10.Marco Kaufmann 581pts


Xray Pro Stock

01.Jan Ratheisky 605pts
02.Simon Lauter 598pts
03.Max Mächler 591pts
04.Kevin Nielsen 591pts
05.Léo Arnold 591pts
06.Dominic Vogl 591pts
07.Frederik B. Mikkelsen 589pts
08.Lukas Ellerbrock 586pts
09.Olivier Bultynck 584pts
10.Oliver Havránek 581pts


Scorpion Formula

01.David Ehrbar 600pts
02.Jan Ratheisky 600pts
03.Matej Dobnikar 594pts
04.Olivier Bultynck 594pts
05.Dominik Reile 593pts
06.Jitse Miedema 592pts
07.Luke Lee 590pts
08.Lukas Hoch 590pts
09.Andreas Stiebler 588pts
10.René Kölbel 583pts


Scorpion Formula +40

01.Herbert Weber306pts
02.Chris Grenz301pts
03.Svetlin Douhlevski 299pts
04.Marek Sova296pts
05.Thomas Gruber278pts
06.Willy Voisangrin155pts
07.Thomas Hermann155pts
08.Martijn v. d. Heijden152pts
09.Thomas Dvorszky152pts
10.Matteo Berlincioni 151pts



01.Alexander Stocker  606pts
02.Toni Mateo593pts
03.Caspar Morgen592pts
04.Mirco Thalheimer591pts
05.Werner Schmitzer 590pts
06.Christian Drießle  588pts
07.Trygve Berntsen 588pts
08.Thomas Oehler 587pts
09.Peter Miko 586pts
10.Nathan Parker 586pts



01.Henrik Heitsch602pts
02.Enrico Jung601pts
03.Steven M. Olsen595pts
04.David Kuschnarew 595pts
05.Stefan Schulz594pts
06.Marwin Riedelbauch589pts
07.Kevin Sparbier583pts
08.Marvin Gutting570pts
09.Tobias Schuster569pts
10.Christian Drießle 567pts


STOCK 17.5

01.Joachim Altenhof600pts
02.Daniel Pöhlmann598pts
03.Marwin Riedelbauch590pts
04.Luis Moreno589pts
05.Tony Mur585pts
06.Tobias Baumbach577pts
07.Tobias Schuster572pts
08.Christian Sandner565pts
09.Sebastian Bauer548pts
10.Domenic Grabher543pts