Although the sun seems to have only just set on a gret event in Andernach, we need to look ahead to our next race in Mulheim Karlich, Germany!

At the moment, the government in this part of Germany allows events of up to 250 people indoors. Our normal indoor ETS events go way beyond this, so we have had to come up with a new solution for this race. So, the race will be held in TWO PARTS.

>>PART ONE - Thursday 15 & Friday 16 October

For Modified, Pro Stock and Formula Classes. We will have a maximum of 14 groups (150 entries). Thursday will be Practice and Qualifying, and Friday Qualifying and Finals, finished by 18:30 on Friday evening

>>PART TWO - evening Friday 16, Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 October.

For FWD, Stock 17.5 and Masters. We will have a maximum of 18 groups (200 entries). Practice will start 19:00 on Friday. Saturday is the rest of Practice, then Qualifying, and Sunday Finals, finished by 17:00 on Sunday.

Hopefully you can all understand this is the only way we can find to make this event possible and still have as many of you as possible part of our ETS atmosphere!

ENTRIES OPEN 20:00 TOMORROW (TUESDAY 29 SEPTEMBER). Please be ready to make your entries then!

(Of course, as always, things might change with any new rules or regulations from the government. But we do all we can to make our ETS event happen and give you all a great race!)

Make your entry here.


Volante Modified

01.Ronald Völker606pts
02.Alexander Hagberg600pts
03.Marc Rheinard600pts
04.Bruno Coelho 599pts
05.Lucas Urbain 594pts
06.Christopher Krapp 592pts
07.Elliott Harper 591pts
08.Yannic Prümper 591pts
09.Frederik Südhoff588pts
10.Marco Kaufmann 583pts


Xray Pro Stock

01.Jan Ratheisky 605pts
02.Alexandre Duchet603pts
03.Max Mächler 600pts
04.Simon Lauter599pts
05.Kevin Nielsen 595pts
06.Frederik B. Mikkelsen592pts
07.Lukas Ellerbrock592pts
08.Léo Arnold 591pts
09.Dominic Vogl 591pts
10.Olivier Bultynck584pts


Scorpion Formula

01.David Ehrbar 601pts
02.Jan Ratheisky 600pts
03.Jitse Miedema 599pts
04.Andreas Stiebler597pts
05.Dominik Reile 595pts
06.Matej Dobnikar 594pts
07.Olivier Bultynck  594pts
08.Jacques Libar 593pts
09.Luke Lee 590pts
10.Lukas Hoch 590pts


Scorpion Formula +40

01.Herbert Weber577pts
02.Chris Grenz571pts
03.Martijn v. d. Heijden569pts
04.Marek Sova563pts
05.Thomas Gruber556pts
06.Svetlin Douhlevski552pts
07.Willy Voisangrin287pts
08.Daniel Ghirlanda287pts
09.Thomas Hermann286pts
10.Thomas Dvorszky 284pts



01.Alexander Stocker  606pts
02.Caspar Morgen600pts
03.Thomas Oehler596pts
04.Nathan Parker595pts
05.Christian Drießle594pts
06.Mirco Thalheimer  593pts
07.Toni Mateo 593pts
08.Werner Schmitzer 592pts
09.Gregor König591pts
10.Trygve Berntsen588pts



01.Henrik Heitsch602pts
02.Stefan Schulz601pts
03.Enrico Jung601pts
04.Steven M. Olsen 598pts
05.David Kuschnarew595pts
06.Kevin Sparbier593pts
07.Marwin Riedelbauch589pts
08.Torsten Baggendorf586pts
09.Jacques Libar585pts
10.Christian Drießle 580pts


STOCK 17.5

01.Daniel Pöhlmann602pts
02.Thomas Bemmerl601pts
03.Joachim Altenhof600pts
04.Alexander Müller599pts
05.Ruf Dominik596pts
06.Marwin Riedelbauch590pts
07.Luis Moreno589pts
08.Torsten Baggendorf586pts
09.Tony Mur585pts
10.Sven Zietlow584pts