ETS Rules Season #14 2021/22 | Version 2.2 | 23.08.21 | 16:06


To find out the difference between the versions all changes to the previous rules are marked in blue.

Every driver will get a special ETS T-shirt at his first event of the season. Every driver who participates in 5 or 6 races in the season will receive a special gift at the final race of the season.


All racers are only permitted to put down 1 car onto the track during each practice run. The use of 2 cars per practice run has gotten out of hand and will no longer be allowed. This rule counts for all open practice rounds on Thursday, as well as for all practice runs on Friday (free and controlled). The rule is the same for all classes, all racers and all teams. For sure you can use different cars in your practice runs – but only 1 car per run.

Conditions of Participation – Stock 17.5 & FWD:

We created these classes for the average hobby enthusiast and therefore the Stock 17.5 and FWD classes are for non-sponsored drivers only.

lf you receive any direct discount or support from any RC manufacturer of cars, electronics, or bodyshells, then you are a sponsored racer and are not allowed to race in this classes. lf you get a discount from a hobby shop that is ok and you can participate in the Stock 17.5 or FWD class.

lf you finished in the Top 15 of the Pro Stock or Modified class at two or more ETS events in the previous three seasons you are not allowed to make an entry for these classes.

Front Wheel Drive (FWD) – General Rules

All cars must comply with overall 1/10th Touring Car dimensions.

Only the front wheels of the car are allowed to receive the power from the motor and transmission – the rear wheels are not connected to the drivetrain in any way.

An independent suspension must operate on all four wheels.

All electronic components (including motor, ESC and battery) must be contained entirely within the bodyshell, but otherwise the position of these items within the car and the general chassis layout is free.

Prototype Cars

In the classes Hobbywing Frontwheel, the Tonisport Masters 40+ and the Stock 17.5 it is not allowed to use Prototype cars from manufacturers. It is only allowed to use cars, which are available on the market for anybody! When somebody uses a self-made car or any handmade tuning parts, this is ok as these are not made by a manufacturing RC Car company!


Power Supplies:

We have seen the use of small computer power supplies by many racers and this cannot be allowed. The insurance we carry for ETS states that the equipment we use must be CE certified. As these kinds of power supplies are not certified electric components we cannot allow them. The risk of using these devices is too big and we always have to concern about everybody’s safety.


  • The ETS allows any hard case Li Po battery packs featuring the CE sign.
  • The LiPo has to be charged in a special charging bag.
  • Max. Battery voltage: 8.40 Volts
  • Max. Charging current: 12 Amps
  • Max. Discharging current: 20 Amps

These maximum charging and discharging currents are counting for the whole charger, not for a single channel of a charger. So if you use two channels in simultaneous mode, the total current arriving at the lipo battery is limited to a maximum of 12 amps for charging and 20 amps for discharging – and not more! It is not allowed to use two channels at 12 amps each to charge one lipo battery- that would be a charging current of 24 amps in total and is strictly forbidden. It is also not allowed to use any kind of battery warmers to lower the internal resistance of the lipo pack before and during the charging process.

lf a driver comes to technical inspection with the battery installed in his car showing 8.44 volts or more he is not allowed to start in his next heat. When the battery voltage is from 8.41 to 8.43 volts the driver is allowed to discharge the battery down to 8.40 volts by accelerating and braking the car while holding it in his hands until the battery voltage is down to 8.40V. Drivers can come to technical inspection to check their charged batteries before installing them into the car at any time!


The use of a Gyro or other electronic driving aids are strictly forbidden.

Motor-rules for Stock Classes:

Motors are handed out in a raffle, meaning you will not receive the same motor at each race. Between races, we will check all used motors on a special motor tester guaranteeing that “your” motor has nearly same power as all motors. It is absolutely forbidden, to open the motors. Following the race the motors must be returned.

At the end of the season, every driver can buy a motor for a special price but quantities are limited.

Rental of Motor:

The rental fee for the Stock Class motors is included in the Stock classes entry fee.

Tire Rules:

The ETS only allows the removal of the center rubber mould line on the tire surface. Any further grinding or sanding of the tire’s surface or sidewalls in an attempt to lighten the tire, change the diameter or affect its structure is strictly forbidden.

For a more realistic look in the 17.5 Stock and 40+ Masters Class we will use the Matrix tires on spoke wheels.

Indoor and Outdoor Tire quantity for Qualifying and Finals:

For qualifying and finals, only ETS marked handout tires are allowed. As the required tire quantities for carpet and asphalt are different, please check the “Technical Requirements Overview” which is posted below. There you can see how many sets of tires you are allowed to use during the race.

Overview Technical Requirements:

  PRO STOCK 40+ Masters Stock 17.5 Modified FWD Formula
Tires Handout Outdoor Matrix EP 36R EPA-036 Matrix EP 36R EPA-036SP Matrix EP 36R EPA-036SP Matrix EP 36R EPA-036 Ride Belted RI-26073 Ride RI-26040 RI-26042
Tire Quantity for Outdoor Race 2 Set + 1 Set A-Main 2 Sets 2 Sets 3 Sets   + 3 Sets A-Main 1 Set 1 Set + 1 Set Finals
Tires Handout Indoor Matrix EP 28R EPC-028 Matrix EP 28R EPC-028SP Matrix EP 28R EPC-028SP Matrix EP 28R EPC-028 Ride Belted RI-26073 Ride RI-26040 RI-26042
Tire Quantity for Indoor Race 2 Sets 2 Sets 2 Sets 2 Sets 1 Set 1 Set
Additive Indoor MR33 V4 MR33 V4 MR33 V4 MR33 V4 MR33 V4 MR33 V4
Additive Outdoor MR33 V3 MR33 V3 MR33 V3 MR33 V3 MR33 V3 MR33 V3
Motor ORCA ETS 13.5T ORCA ETS 17.5T ORCA ETS 17.5T Open HW ETS  17.5T Scorpion ETS 21.5T RS-3420
Speedo ORCA ETS ORCA ETS ORCA ETS Open HW ETS Justock Scorpion ETS Vanguard
RPM Limiter 25k Limiter 21k Limiter 21k Limiter Open HW 17.5K Scorpion F1
Gear-Ratio Indoor max. 5.0 max. 5.0 max. 5.0 Open max. 5.0 Open
Gear-Ratio Outdoor max. 4.5 max. 4.5 max. 4.5 Open max. 4.5 Open
Overall Weight min. 1320 gr min. 1320 gr min. 1320 gr min. 1320 gr min. 1250 gr min. 1050 gr



For our Touring Car classes (Modified, Pro Stock, Masters, and Stock 17.5) we want to make sure our body shell rules are fair and easy for all our racers. In the past we saw so many new body shells being released, meaning that people often had to panic to get them in time for our races while having no time to paint them nicely.

Therefore, only body shells that were available to the public and are listed on the “ETS Body Shell List” ahead of Race 1 of the new season are allowed to get used throughout the entire ETS season #14 (2021/2022).

We believe this rule will keep our racing fair and competitive throughout the whole championship.

General Touring Car Body Shell Rules:

Only 190mm 4-door commercially available saloon bodies are allowed at the ETS. All bodies must have lights (front & rear) and grill, painted (from inside) or using decals.

Only Lexan rear Wings are allowed and the Winglets can be made from Lexan or thin Carbon Fiber material without having any sharp edges. The maximum wing height is not allowed to be higher than the highest point of the roof when the car stands on its race tires at technical inspection.


Modified and 13.5 Stock:

The 13.5 Stock and Modified racers can select their bodies from the list of ETS body shells which gets prepared before the first race of the season in cooperation with the supporting body shell manufacturers. All supporting companies can list THREE body shells for the whole season which drivers can use in all weight options. We highly recommend the use of anti-tuck systems or horizontal body posts when using Ultra-Light bodyshells.

17.5 Stock, 40+Masters and FWD:

If you race in one of those classes you can select the body you like to use from the ETS Body Shell List as well. The ETS supporting manufacturers can list ONE regular weight body shell to the list which will show the bodies of choice for the whole season. The reason for this is to limit the body shell options and to keep the costs lower for the drivers in these classes.  Lightweight bodies are NOT allowed in these classes – we will randomly check the thickness of body shells at the technical inspection.

Official ETS Body Shell List

Official ETS Body Shell List 2020/21

PRO STOCK 40+ Masters Stock 17.5 Modified FWD
C8 60224 SQ4 60226-05/07 Roadster 60228-05/07 Roadster 60228-07 Roadster 60228-07 C8 60224-05/07 SQ4 60226-05/07 Roadster 60228-05/07 MK9 60227-07
Imola MB-021-001 Ysot MB-019-018 TBA Imola MB-021-001 Imola MB-021-001 Imola MB-021-001 Ysot MB-019-018 TBA 308 2.0 MB-019-017.1
Twister MTB0413-05/07 Twister SPECIALE MTB0415-05/07 Brutale MTB0418-05/06/07 Brutale MTB0418-07 Brutale MTB0418-07 Twister MTB0413-05/07 Twister SPECIALE MTB0415-05/07 Brutale MTB0418-05/06//07 TBA
Wolverine ZR-0011-05/07 Baybee ZR-0009-05/07 Hellcat ZR-0006-05/07 Wolverine ZR-0011-07 Wolverine ZR-0011-07 Wolverine ZR-0011-05/07 Baybee ZR-0009-05/07 Hellcat ZR-0006-05/07 Gorilla ZR-0008-07

Formula 1 body shell rules:

Only Formula 1 body styles are allowed. Body must be painted in a race inspired theme. Single color themes are allowed but you must use the included sticker sheet to detail the car. All cars must have a drivers figure installed in the cockpit.

Body must be used as designed. No additional material may be added to alter the body unless it is included in the original design. Body must be cut-out and used as designed and no additional folding or bending of the body is allowed.